Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 6: Managing Prospect Responses

Direct mail optimization involves continually testing list sources, mail piece designs, and offers. For you to determine what is working, you need to generate accurate reports and analyses of your programs. To accomplish this, you need reliable response attribution. You need to understand all the ways that your prospects and members can respond to your […]

Direct Mail Follow-Up: How to Seal the Deal

A direct mail campaign doesn’t stop once your message is delivered. Every great marketing campaign has a reliable follow-up process behind it. Following up after sending a direct mail piece reinforces your message. It also increases the likelihood that you will gain traction on your mail campaign. Many campaigns fail because of the lack of […]

Adding a Call Center to Your Direct Mail Strategy

Adding a call center to your organization’s direct mail strategy has many benefits. You need to be accessible to your members. When a donor needs a problem solved, it’s in an organization’s best interest to provide sufficient communication channels. Phone communication is an easy way of providing instant customer service. Although online chat and website […]

Making It Personal Builds Brand Affinity

There are currently 1.5 million non-profit organizations registered in the United States. So, when it comes to marketing to current members or trying to reach new donors, one of the most effective methods is making a personal connection with your targeted audience. People are less likely to stop supporting a non-profit if they feel a […]

Call Center vs. Contact Center

Managing and monitoring an organization’s activities and operations in the digital age is time-consuming and overwhelming. An organization must be so much more than the expert in their subject matter. To stay current and aware of what members think about and need from your organization, you must be available through many different digital channels. What […]

First Call Resolution

Customers are not usually thrilled when they need to call customer service for help. Most times when a customer calls in for help, they have reached their breaking point and genuinely need the help of a professional. It’s essential for call center representatives to be polite, friendly, and professional because callers may not be in […]

Taking Control of Your Data Entry Process

There are many moving parts to running a successful organization. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to organize and manage the completion of several tasks, including data entry. Delegating tasks is an essential aspect of running any type of business. You want to ensure whoever is helping with day-to-day tasks and running big picture projects can […]

Online Social Media Monitoring

Communication is what keeps members interested in and supportive of your organization. In order to attract new members and appeal to current ones, organizations must maintain communication by using effective marketing strategies. Sending direct mail or making direct phone calls are some ways organizations can effectively reach out to members. However, establishing a strong social […]

White Labeled Customer Support

The goal of an organization should ultimately be to achieve effectively live up to its stated mission and to market its brand successfully. If the goal of your organization, for example, is to support the health of those with significant financial needs and to encourage others to aid in that effort, that will likely be […]

Outbound Acquisition Calling

There are many marketing methods you can use to reach out to current and potential members. Some of those methods include direct mail marketing campaigns, emailing, and social media marketing. Nevertheless, a surefire way of marketing your organization effectively and gaining more support is via outbound acquisition calling. Making outbound calls to individuals cannot only […]