Adding a Call Center to Your Direct Mail Strategy

By: Andrew Glover
December 16, 2019

Adding a call center to your organization’s direct mail strategy has many benefits. You need to be accessible to your members. When a donor needs a problem solved, it’s in an organization’s best interest to provide sufficient communication channels. Phone communication is an easy way of providing instant customer service.

Although online chat and website communication are the hot new thing in customer service, some customers still prefer the more personal touch associated with phone communication. Including a phone number in direct mail communications allows individuals who prefer phone conversations the ability to ask you questions in their desired way. Your organization promotes communication with members when a call center option is available.

Non-Profits and Call Centers

Non-profits tackle difficult social issues and touch our lives. Call centers play a pivotal role in charities, associations, and other non-profit organizations by giving 24/7 access when funds are tight, and every dollar counts. Incoming call agents offer courteous and understanding interactions. The agent can assist supporters with the necessary information and also help volunteers sign-up to support a campaign, join critical mailing lists, and process donations. Call center services help keep your mission alive and services thriving.

The members you serve depend on you, and you rely on the support of your community.

Benefits of Call Centers

Organizations that outsource their call center activities keep pace with current communication methods and demonstrate that member interaction is the main factor that they consider for the success of their operation.

Here are a few advantages that highly why adding a call center to your services is beneficial for you and your members.

Speed and Assertiveness

Assisting your members through phone interactions is faster than helping them in person. You drastically reduce wait times when members can speak to someone over the phone instead of trying to see you in person. Many organizations have members who don’t live near the non-profit headquarters or any other satellite offices, or who have disabilities that make this difficult. It’s essential to cater to members who can’t meet face to face.


Providing an immediate service enhances your brand’s image through a status of responsibility and commitment. Not everyone chooses to follow direct mail instructions to your online platform. Many members prefer to reach out through the phone instead of searching online. Offering a call center option promotes your commitment to connect with members and answer their questions.


You can record calls and analyze them periodically to learn how to improve features that don’t meet the member’s expectations. Calls allow you to have an abundance of recorded discussions. You can continuously learn from the member’s questions and comments and use that information to build a stronger organization.


Providing a 24/7 specialized service enables members to reach your organization without delay or restrictions. Being available to members provides an effortless communication stream. Members appreciate when an organization they support is open and values them reaching out at any moment. By using a call center, you can expand your reach and communicate with more donors and prospects. The call center agents can provide your donors and prospective donors with any assistance they need at any point in time.

Support for Busy Seasons

Like most companies, non-profits also have slow seasons and busy ones. It can be difficult staffing the team needed to answer phones in each season. Hiring a call center to help during your busy season is a great way to manage increased communications. Call centers also monitor for busy days and times. If you choose to keep a call center staffed year-round, they can anticipate the slow and busy seasons, and they will staff accordingly ahead of time.

Establishing a Call Center with Valtim

Setting up a call center isn’t an overnight ordeal. In fact, call centers can be quite complex and require a fair amount of planning, equipment, and strategizing. Since 2009, Valtim has offered several contact center options. We can assist your organization by adding a call center to your direct mail strategy. Valtim strives to meet the service level agreements created by our clients. On average, our inbound agents answer 80 percent of calls within 20 seconds or less. We also manage the call agent’s call time and after-call work. We frequently monitor interactions for quality control because we understand every organization wants to provide a top-quality customer service experience.

Contact Valtim to see how you can start providing a superior member experience by offering an inbound call center.

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