4 Ways to Keep Your Direct Mail Out of the Trash

One of the most significant challenges organizations face is getting someone’s attention with direct mail marketing. Your main obstacle is making your piece stand out in the middle of a mail stack when a person removes it from the box. Direct mail usually winds up in the trash because mailpieces are too often seen as relevant to the receiver; they fail to draw attention or are unconvincing.

Designing Direct Mail for an Increasing Work-From-Home Crowd

Telecommuting, or working remotely, isn’t a passing trend in the workforce. It’s a very real and prevalent way that many people are working their current job. Telework can improve employee productivity, creativity, and morale. Many workers are benefiting from working from home, and it’s a good idea for your organization to reach out to them through direct mail and digital communication options. Remote workers crave flexibility, and showing your organization is flexible with its outreach will entice teleworkers into joining your mission over other options. 

Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 8: Refining Your Message

There comes a time when your direct mail campaign needs to change its messaging. When we hear the same chord repeatedly played eventually, it starts sounding a little stale. The same goes for messaging. When your organization relies on one limited collection of messages, your members become tone-deaf toward what you are trying to say. […]

Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 7: Maintaining Members

Maintaining membership rates is crucial for the health of any organization. You can build a base of supporters, but keeping your members loyal is an ongoing commitment. You can continually recruit new members, but if you have a leaking bucket, meaning members flowing in the top but slowly leaking out the bottom, you are wasting […]

5 Reasons Your Direct Mail Failed to Convert

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool with fantastic targeting capabilities. You can reach people who you may never contact online. A successful direct mail campaign can produce stunning results. But your organization could take a huge morale and financial hit if a campaign fails. Direct mail campaigns that fail to covert mostly do so […]

Personalize Direct Mail Graphics for Better Results

Personalization is one of the main reasons why direct mail is so effective in generating great results. Your organization has the advantage of getting personal with direct mail marketing. People respond better when they believe you are communicating with them one-on-one. Today’s technology makes adding personalization to your mailings easier and more affordable than ever […]

Designing Direct Mail for Mass Production

Direct mail is memorable, tactile, and gets you into the hands of your prospects and members. Effective direct mail design can make your audience notice your products and services or visit your website. Mail is a tool that allows you to entice people into the necessary action and create a smooth member journey. But you […]

Does Direct Mail Still Work? These Stats Say “Yes!”

Today’s world is hyper-digitalized. Brands can interact with their audience in more and increasingly personal ways. But when it comes to driving action, not all marketing channels are equal. Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it’s far from obsolete. There are many benefits you will see by using direct mail […]

How to Create Direct Mail Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel visualizes the sales process from beginning to end and describes the journey a prospect takes toward purchasing a product or service. Direct mail can be used during each stage of the sales funnel and turn your prospect from a stranger to becoming a loyal brand advocate. People aren’t ready to commit to […]

Why Your Outer Envelope Matters in Direct Mail Campaigns

The outer envelope is every bit as important as the contents within it. It’s the headline of your direct mail. It doesn’t matter what materials are inside if no one opens your envelope. The outer envelope is like an introductory handshake or the display window of a store. Your envelope presents who you are and […]