Does Direct Mail Still Work? These Stats Say “Yes!”

By: Andrew Glover
May 15, 2020

Today’s world is hyper-digitalized. Brands can interact with their audience in more and increasingly personal ways. But when it comes to driving action, not all marketing channels are equal. Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it’s far from obsolete. There are many benefits you will see by using direct mail in your marketing plan, including better response rates, and you can provide a more memorable experience for the recipient.

The Perks of Direct Mail

Online marketing is exceptional, but its offline alternative has proven to drive better results. Direct mail is considered superior to other marketing channels based on recent statistics and studies.

Here are a few perks you can achieve by using direct mail for your marketing campaign.

Easy to Understand

Direct mail is easier for prospects and members because the materials are easier to understand. It requires 21 percent less cognitive effort for a prospect to process the information, and it causes a much higher brand recall. Your audience doesn’t need to invest time or brainpower into your mail.

The success of any marketing campaign depends on how it resonates with your targeted audience. If the audience finds your materials challenging to understand or they become confused at any point, then it’s unlikely to meet your campaign objectives.

More Memorable

Think back to some of the most exceptional advertising campaigns you have seen in the past ten years. You can likely roll a handful of brand names off the tip of your tongue without needing to search anything online. The brands you thought of nailed their marketing campaign. It had a lasting effect on you.

Direct mail is proven to be more memorable than its virtual alternative. People have more of a more robust emotional response toward direct mail. Your organization could be next on the list of this generation’s most-loved advertising campaigns by optimizing direct mail usage.

Better Response Rates

Most people may eagerly check their email, but that doesn’t mean that online marketing is more efficient. Direct mail has a higher response rate than email marketing. In 2018, direct mail provided a 9 percent house list response rate. Email, paid search, and social media only offered a 1 percent response rate. Your organization is missing a significant outreach opportunity if you are only pushing your marketing budget into email ads. Direct mail not only provides better response rates, but it can be more cost-effective than virtual options too.

Longer-Lasting Effect

Direct mail marketing has a longer-lasting effect than online ads or emails. When someone sends an email, it only goes to one person. But when you send a mail piece, it goes to an entire household. In one study, 27 percent of UK consumers kept mail within their home after 28 days. Younger audiences don’t view mailers as junk mail. They think junk mail is the spam that goes into their spam folder in their email accounts. So even younger audiences appreciate mailers, and every generation is experiencing a longer-lasting advertising effect.

Choosing Direct Mail Instead of Online Ads

The advertising landscape has fundamentally changed. Every time we search, stream, watch, read, scroll, click, or swipe, we are inundated by advertisements. We see hundreds, if not thousands, of ads each day. We are de-sensitized to online advertisements, and many people have trained their brains to ignore online ads.

People also have major trust issues surrounding online advertisements. Physical mail provides a better level of trust and builds intrigue around the brand in a positive manner. Your organization may benefit from online marketing, but integrating direct mail into your marketing plan is very beneficial for all the reasons listed above.

Creating Direct Mail Pieces with Valtim

Direct mail is a very effective marketing method that your organization should embrace right away. It’s an excellent option for you to consider because you can achieve a respectable ROI at a reasonable cost. In addition to all the benefits listed above, direct mail is an excellent way for your organization to stand out. Whether you want to focus only on direct mail or if you’re going to find a way of creating a multi-channel marketing plan, Valtim has the resources to help every step of the way.

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