Data Management Solutions

Originally founded as a data management company,
Vatlim Marketing Solutions was managing “Big Data” before “Big Data” became a thing.

Regardless of the nature of your business, an underlying key component is most certainly “data”. Whether you are printing, seeking donors or recruiting for your school or organization the most valuable asset you have is your data. At some point in your business flow there is always a process that is dependent upon accurate, clean and properly formatted data. Valtim understands the importance of these data requirements.

Valtim started as primarily a data management facility and has grown with the industry as it evolved into the “big data” environment we now find ourselves in. With expertise in both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL (as well as multiple programming languages supporting these data back-ends) Valtim is well positioned to assist you in management of your data.

Today, however, proper management is no longer enough if you want to maximize the inherent value your data holds. Valtim has become a leader in mining client’s data to extract key marketing and user-base metrics. Using these metrics allows you to fine tune your marketing and increase your ROI for campaigns. Additionally, targeted marketing provides better chances for increasing your member base and donor list by focusing your efforts on demographics that are most favorable to your business.

Using your data and our variable imaging capabilities allows us to create uniquely personalized pieces that speak to the recipient and increase open-rates. Today’s mailings are losing their impact when they are generic. Studies have shown the increase in open-rates when a recipient can immediately connect with something on the mail piece that has their name on it or has graphical images that address their interests. It all starts with your data. With our proven strategies and expertise, we can provide the data analysis that gives you the maximum advantage concerning the use of your data.

Over 3,500,000 Unique Records Processed Monthly!

Due to Valtim’s core competency since 1986, we are able to craft Omni channel and multi channel campaigns based in large part to the trends we find in your data. With virtually unlimited creative applications using our Digital Press, we can craft some of the most impactful hyper personalized campaigns in the industry.

Consider Valtim as your next campaign partner.

We love our clients and do our best to go above and beyond. If your campaign needs an additional element to increase your return of investment, Valtim may be a great fit. Valtim has 30 years of experience and multiple industry touchpoints including the following: