Designing Direct Mail for an Increasing Work-From-Home Crowd

By: Andrew Glover
August 13, 2020

Telecommuting, or working remotely, isn’t a passing trend in the workforce. It’s a very real and prevalent way that many people are working their current job. Telework can improve employee productivity, creativity, and morale. Many workers are benefiting from working from home, and it’s a good idea for your organization to reach out to them through direct mail and digital communication options. Remote workers crave flexibility, and showing your organization is flexible with its outreach will entice teleworkers into joining your mission over other options. 

How Many People Work from Home?

In 2018, 4.3 million people were working from home in the United States, according to telecommuting statistics. That constitutes 3.2 percent of the entire workforce. In the same report, 40 percent more U.S. companies offered remote work in 2018 compared to five years ago. Workers appreciate the flexibility telework provides them, and work from home opportunities will continue presenting themselves as companies search for ways to draw in new workers. 

As more people work from home, here’s how you can design direct mail to best suit the teleworkers’ wants and needs. 

Targeting Telecommuters

Designing direct mail for a work-from-home crowd can be simple with targeted marketing. You should first determine the demographics of the teleworking crowd. For example, current statistics reveal most telecommuters hold higher positions in their companies.

Here are a few additional job position statistics:

  • 16 percent identified as management
  • 14 percent are office and administrative support staff
  • 13 percent are within a sales function
  • 9 percent are in business and financial operations
  • 9 percent are in a computer or mathematical category

In addition to a higher job title, another interesting statistic is that over fifty percent of teleworkers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Direct Mail For Remote Workers

When you are designing a direct mail campaign for teleworkers, focus on their demographics, including their education, job title, and income bracket. 

You can design a mailer that is highly targeted and results in a better return on investment for your organization. Teleworkers may be more likely to research your organization and its mission more than other people because of their education. Provide them with the information they desire to know. Depending on their job title or income, they may be more likely to become a regular donor. Some remote workers may even like the opportunity to volunteer their time because they may miss that person-to-person interaction since they spend so much time at home.

Design your offer around what you think remote workers will respond to best and your marketing will flourish. You want to build rapport with teleworkers and share information that they find valuable and beneficial. The work from home lifestyle isn’t going away anytime soon, and your organization must reach this demographic before others in your field contact them first.

Adding Digital Social Elements

Teleworkers are more likely to use chat features and social media when reaching out to your organization. You must provide these communication options. Otherwise, your work from home members may leave and find another organization that offers better digital outreach.

Chat Feature

Work-from-home individuals are very familiar and comfortable with using chat features. They are always reaching out to their team members and managers through chat, and when they need help outside of the workplace, they gravitate toward chat as well. Your organization can benefit greatly by interacting with members through chat. Not everyone wants to reach out by phone, and offering a chat option widens your connection with a large number of your members. Teleworkers are fantastic multi-taskers and providing a chat feature offers them the ability to work other tasks while reaching out to you.

Social Media

Teleworkers are heavy social media users too. They are skilled at staying connected with people in an online world. You can provide a platform for your members to reach out to you and the community at large. You should always have someone monitoring your social media, though, because you don’t want questions and comments going unaddressed. Social media platforms also offer chat options, so you can easily integrate your chat with your social media.

Marketing Toward Teleworkers with Valtim 

Valtim offers many marketing solutions, including direct mail choices, social media monitoring, and chat options. Social media is an excellent way for you to reach teleworkers, but you must monitor all your social media interactions. You don’t want your brand to take a hit when a discussion thread takes a negative turn. Valtim can help your organization with social media monitoring, as well as any other needs you may have in reaching your teleworker community. 

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