White Labeled Customer Support

By: Andrew Glover
May 16, 2018

The goal of an organization should ultimately be to achieve effectively live up to its stated mission and to market its brand successfully. If the goal of your organization, for example, is to support the health of those with significant financial needs and to encourage others to aid in that effort, that will likely be your organization’s primary focus. Needless to say, to achieve that goal, some elements such as social media marketing, member recruiting and outreach, and direct mailing are required to expand and enhance your organization in order to effectively gain support from a wider audience or potential donors.

With your organization focused on the primary goal and establishing events and programs, your organization’s upkeep and maintenance should be placed in the hands of a professional customer support center.

Why a Customer Support Center?

Customer support centers are centers that handle the communication aspect for organizations. Typically, customer support centers will take care of all customer phone calls in an effort to respond to their inquiries and assist them with their requests. However, organizations also use customer support centers to handle other types of communication-related tasks, such as: Sending emails, mailing letters, live chatting, and faxing.

With a customer support center, organizations can let them professional support staff handle member donations, send newsletters and brochures advertising new causes, look over social media accounts, and more, all while concentrating on the organization’s mission.

Customer support centers are a great way to achieve customer relationship management (CRM). Of course, it is important to enlist the help of a professional, highly-skilled customer support center in order to have your members properly assisted. With the right support center, organizations can not only keep current members satisfied, but can also attract new members. If a member receives a positive experience from the support center your organization works with, they are more likely to continue supporting your organization and may, in turn, provide the kind of word-of-mouth marketing that any organization hopes to achieve.

Another great component of working with a customer support center is that you can work with multiple centers instead of just one.

Let’s say the current customer support center you’re working with provides excellent telephone support, but may not have the proper tools for handling member inquiries online. You can enlist the help of another customer support center to take care of your social media marketing and other online needs. Therefore, one customer support center can be responsible for telephone calls or physical outreach (i.e. letter mailing and printing), while the other customer support center can be in charge of emailing members, live chatting, social media monitoring, and marketing, all in an effort to effectively promote your organization.

Come to Valtim for Efficient Customer Support

You have a mission, and that mission is vital to your organization’s success. Don’t get bogged down with administrative tasks such as data entry, email responses, call screening, and other customer facing touch points. You can let a professional company like Valtim assist you with your member outreach and customer support needs. Valtim provides the tools necessary to support marketing campaigns, communicate with members and targeted groups, and more. Contact Valtim to see how we can provide your organization with customer support.

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