Call Center vs. Contact Center

By: Andrew Glover
May 31, 2018

Managing and monitoring an organization’s activities and operations in the digital age is time-consuming and overwhelming. An organization must be so much more than the expert in their subject matter. To stay current and aware of what members think about and need from your organization, you must be available through many different digital channels.

What Valtim offers is the ability for organizations to be the experts of their subject matter again, while allowing Valtim to take over the contact center aspect of the operation. Valtim is the subject matter expert on being a brand ambassador to another company and an expert at helping members through various contact channels.

Having consistent branding across all your communication channels is important. Instead of having separate companies handle phone calls, chats, emails, and social media platforms, Valtim offers an integrated full-service contact center solution that goes beyond the call and incorporates every communication channel.

What is a Contact Center?

Everyone has heard of a call center, but what is a contact center? A contact center is so much more than several representatives taking back to back phone calls. A contact center can handle inbound and outbound calls, but they can also help members through email, chat, text message, and social media. A contact center offers a broader variety of assistance because of how many digital channels they can assist with throughout a working day.

Contact Center Options

Social Media Monitoring

Many people jump to social media when they want to learn more about an organization. They also have the same reaction when they have a question to ask. Many people send private messages to organizations through social media. They also post questions publicly on most social media platforms.

Valtim can monitor social media for organizations and respond to their followers quickly and professionally. Speedy response time with a detailed message can send a positive message to the person who communicated their question or comment. Keeping public social media comments updated is helpful too because other people can see answers to questions they may have which allows your organization not to have as many repeat questions.


Some people like to send longer messages to organizations filled with multiple inquiries. Having a reliable email support team is critical to be able to respond back with an equally detailed message that answers all of their questions. Valtim offers email support that can cater to your organization’s needs. The email services are all White labeled under your organization’s name. When Valtim representatives represent you, they are representing your brand.

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Along with email, chat, and social media, a contact center also helps with phone support. Valtim’s contact center operates across many standard and non-standard business hours. We are experts at contact center support and monitor for contact center performance. We keep a close eye on call wait times to avoid people waiting on hold for too long. We monitor calls for customer service as well to ensure our representatives are representing the organization they are helping with professionalism. Our calls are also recorded to ensure call quality is continuously monitored.

Besides taking inbound calls, our operators also help with many outbound calls. They can help your organization by calling clients to thank them. They can follow up on support calls too so if they can’t answer their request the first time, the representative can offer to call them back when they have more information on a request. Whatever needs your organization may have regarding inbound and outbound calls, Valtim can help.

Valtim’s Contact Center

Valtim is the best at communicating with inquiries through our contact center. We want your organization to be the best at what you built it for, which means allowing you to trust Valtim with supporting your organization while you do what you do best.

There are many different companies that can provide support for individual customer service type roles. Rather than having one company help with social media, another help with email, and another help with the calls, Valtim can simplify your businesses support by handling all your needs in one place. Instead of splitting your member support among multiple companies, allow Valtim to handle all your customer transactions. By allowing Valtim to manage your contact center needs, all your support is in one support house, making it easier for your members and easier for your business.

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