Online Social Media Monitoring

By: Andrew Glover
May 18, 2018

Communication is what keeps members interested in and supportive of your organization. In order to attract new members and appeal to current ones, organizations must maintain communication by using effective marketing strategies. Sending direct mail or making direct phone calls are some ways organizations can effectively reach out to members.

However, establishing a strong social media presence is a great way to keep current members involved and up to date with your organization and to intrigue new members. With that said, to represent your brand well and positively market your organization on social media, social media monitoring should be implemented.

What is Online Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the idea of gathering information online across various social media channels in an effort to measure the popularity and visibility of your organization. Social media monitoring can help organizations discover how often they are talked about among users online, what users are saying about their organization and/or competing organizations, what trends are appealing to users that can be integrated in an organization’s marketing campaign, and more. Ultimately, the purpose of social media monitoring is to see how engaging your social media pages are to members and how attractive your organization is as a whole.

To engage in social media monitoring, there are tools organizations can use to analyze their social media pages in order to determine page clicks, number of comments, daily traffic flow, and other metrics used to measure online engagement. However, to use social media monitoring tools properly, you should have a clear understanding of what data you are looking to measure and what your expectations are.

Let’s say your organization has a Twitter page and and you want to see how much of an impact your organization’s tweets have on members. Knowing that you want to measure the outreach of your tweets to individuals, you can properly select social media monitoring tools that enable you to perform such analyses on your Twitter account.

As mentioned above, social media monitoring can be used to measure current trends by allowing organizations to see what content is most talked about among members. For example, if a significant portion of your members is talking about or requesting charity events involving disabled animals or is liking/responding to previous posts regarding animals from your organization, social media monitoring tools will be able to extract this data and allow you to tune your social media page to appeal to the interests of these individuals. Doing so can garner more support for your organization and bring in more traffic flow.

Additionally, social media monitoring can help an organization determine which of their social media pages are more popular and thus give those pages more attention and/or improve the other pages.

Valtim Can Help with Your Social Media Monitoring

It’s the wild west when it comes to social media. It is absolutely vital to have an online SM presence, as well as multiple channels of communication for your supporters. However, often there are posts with conflicting opinions of your organization’s values. Let Valtim monitor your Social Media channels to ensure that your community feels valued, while also ensuring that it remains a neutral environment.

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