Outbound Acquisition Calling

By: Andrew Glover
May 10, 2018

There are many marketing methods you can use to reach out to current and potential members. Some of those methods include direct mail marketing campaigns, emailing, and social media marketing. Nevertheless, a surefire way of marketing your organization effectively and gaining more support is via outbound acquisition calling. Making outbound calls to individuals cannot only garner more support for your organization, but can also increase the amount of donations received by your organization. A great way to reach out to potential members via outbound calls is to rely on a outbound call center.

What is Outbound Calling All About?

Outbound acquisition calling is all about making calls to individuals who may have expressed interest in your organization at some point, in hopes of acquiring them as new members. Sometimes, outbound calling involves making “cold calls,” meaning calls that are unsolicited to individuals who have not had any contact with your organization, usually to generate a sale or seek a donation. Cold calling, however, isn’t the most effective way to accomplish the goals your organization seeks, whether it be recruiting new members or gaining donations. Instead, here are a few other examples of effective outbound acquisition calling:

  • Calling “Warm Leads”- Making outbound calls to warm leads is a much more effective way of increasing support and donations for your organization than cold calling or list purchasing, for example. Calling warm leads means making phone calls to individuals who have expressed interest in your organization in the past. Such examples could include signing up to receive newsletters or emails from your organization by providing their email address, or engaging with your organization’s content (i.e. liking your organization’s Facebook page). By contacting warm leads to market your organization, you are more likely to acquire new members and donations.
  • Contact Research- Similar to calling warm leads, contact research involves creating a list of potential donors based on intel and ideal members who have either donated to your organization in the past or similar organizations. This method involves your organization using research skills to acquire contact information before reaching out to individuals. By reaching out to individuals who may have once been involved with your organization (i.e. a one-time donation) or have donated to organizations like yours, you are very likely to recruit these individuals and increase donation rates.

To successfully fulfill your outbound acquisition calling efforts, you should consider relying on/recruiting an outbound call center. Outbound call centers can offer a variety of calling services and solutions to properly support your outbound calling campaign. An outbound call center can set up appointments, compile calling lists of warm leads and/or existing members to reach out to, and follow up with current and potential members. With the assistance of an outbound call center, you can effectively increase your organization’s membership and support, without having to exert much effort on your part.

Valtim Can Help with Your Outbound Calling Campaign

Phone calling has one of the best response rates in the market. You can make your marketing campaign more personal and efficient by making outbound calls to generate more support for your organization and increase donation rates. Valtim offers outbound acquisition calling assistance to organizations looking to effectively acquire new supporters and donors and retain existing members. Make sure that your audience responds to your message by letting Valtim help you reach out to those who matter.

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