Taking Control of Your Data Entry Process

By: Andrew Glover
May 22, 2018

There are many moving parts to running a successful organization. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to organize and manage the completion of several tasks, including data entry.

Delegating tasks is an essential aspect of running any type of business. You want to ensure whoever is helping with day-to-day tasks and running big picture projects can be trusted to work quickly and efficiently. It’s essential for a business to stay on top of entering survey responses and feedback results from contributors.

You may also worry about data entry for confirmation and verification forms. Know that there are businesses like Valtim that can be trusted to handle many tasks for you to help with your business. Data entry is one aspect that Valtim is more than capable of helping with which can allow you to have your employees handle other tasks instead of focusing solely on data entry.

Valtim can take some of the weight off your shoulders and help you with data entry tasks. Valtim has very skilled customer care representatives that can enter your data into your CRM, CMS, or other system databases.

Why is Data Entry Important?

Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are vital to any organization. It’s critical to be aware of what supporters like and don’t like about your services. If one customer has a like or dislike, then it’s very likely that another customer has the same thought even if the other customer didn’t leave a survey. An excellent way for a organization to grow and succeed is by being aware of what works and what doesn’t work.

Customer surveys are an easy way to discover ways to improve. By tracking survey results, you can see the progress your organization makes, and contributors feel appreciated for having their opinion heard at the same time.

Reading and inputting customer surveys can be time-consuming. But it’s a task that is imperative to a organization’s success. You can allow a company like Valtim to enter the data from customer surveys for your business. By allowing Valtim to enter the data for you, you will have more time to implement changes you think may influence higher satisfaction from contributors and improve customer survey results.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback comes in many forms. Besides leaving a survey, supporters may reach out to you through email or contact forms. A lot of people utilize social media to reach out to companies now, too. Compiling customer feedback is just as essential as reading and reviewing customer surveys. Sometimes customer feedback is more detailed than survey’s because the customer can speak more freely in an email or a social media message. The information compiled from customer feedback is informative and helpful towards the success of the organization.

It’s very likely your customer service team knows more about your contributors than your product team. Having a reliable customer service team that compiles all customer feedback is essential to allow your product team to be aware of what’s working and what needs improvement.

As the saying goes, any feedback is good feedback. When a customer expresses and shares a negative experience with an organization, they are allowing the organization the opportunity to respond. If a business handles negative feedback quickly, it makes the customer feel heard.

Responding to negative feedback promptly and professionally also allows the organization’s reputation to remain untarnished by word-of-mouth. Contributors want to feel heard and by taking negative feedback to heart, you are expressing your concerns and desire to provide the best support and best products available to your supporters.

Sometimes tracking contributor feedback can feel overwhelming. So, Valtim has customer care representatives that can help enter the survey and feedback for you to allow your workers more time for other tasks and projects.

Valtim and Data Entry

Data entry is a vital and time-consuming task. Survey responses, entering supporter feedback, and compiling confirmation and verification forms is crucial for maintaining and monitoring organization information. Valtim can help with all your data entry needs. We have a very skilled staff full of customer care representatives that are ready to help your organization and your supporters.

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