First Call Resolution

By: Andrew Glover
May 25, 2018

Customers are not usually thrilled when they need to call customer service for help. Most times when a customer calls in for help, they have reached their breaking point and genuinely need the help of a professional. It’s essential for call center representatives to be polite, friendly, and professional because callers may not be in a great mood while calling in for help.

The first contact the caller receives is critical regarding whether the call will be positive or negative. All companies should want their customers to have positive experiences when asking for help.

Positive experiences lead to lifelong customers. Negative experiences influence customers to leave behind their brand loyalty and look elsewhere for their products and services. Giving the customer the correct assistance the first time is critical to keeping the customer satisfied. The most important goal of contact with a customer is to resolve their problem and answer their questions correctly the first time, so they don’t become even more frustrated by needing to call back two or three times to get a resolution to the original problem.

Valtim has a highly skilled contact center staff that can help with all your companies call needs while achieving a first call resolution goal. Staff are trained to effectively handle first contact calls using highly effective call resolution methods.

What is First Call Resolution?

First Call Resolution (FCR) is ensuring a customer’s problem or request is resolved on the first call. A first call resolution is achieved by not needing to transfer the member. FCR means resolving the customer’s issue without them needing to call back multiple times to ask for help with the same problem.

Why is First Call Resolution Important?

No one likes to ask for help multiple times. Customers expect to receive great customer service every time they call a company that they have been supporting for a long time. The same expectation exists of a new company the customer has started supporting. A company can ruin a relationship with a customer by providing a poor customer service experience, which includes not answering customer questions quickly or by answering questions with wrong information.

Valtim has a very skilled staff of employees that can help answer all your customer questions correctly and help them with any issues they may have as well. Valtim works hard to ensure your brand is supported and promoted in a positive manner while maintaining customer confidentiality and upholding the company’s standards.

Valtim’s Contact Center

When you think of getting help from customer service you often think that calling is the only option. At Valtim, we can help clients over the phone, but we can also help via text, email, or online chat. So, whichever way is easiest for your customers to reach out for help, we are available to assist.

We want customers to be able to receive help in their preferred method. We also work towards resolving the problem the first time if we are helping through text, email, or online chat. A resolution is achievable whether the conversation is handled on a phone or on a computer.

Valtim has a very reliable contact center staff. We take over 17,000 calls per month, and most of our full-time contact center employees have been with Valtim for five years. Whether your clients need help in the morning or at night, Valtim contact center representatives maintain flexible schedules and are available to help your company reach a first call or first contact resolution.

Valtim and First Contact Support

Valtim is a brand ambassador for companies. We train our employees to match the skills and interests of the clients they will assist. When a customer calls in for your company and reaches a Valtim agent, they will receive excellent customer care with a focus on resolving their concern quickly and efficiently the first time.

Customer’s want help right away. They don’t want to press through a series of numbers and respond to multiple voice prompts before reaching a real person. Valtim can handle high call volume and answer any concerns your customer may have while representing your company professionally and effectively.

Let Valtim help your customers quickly by avoiding confusing phone trees and frustrating voice systems. Valtim’s contact center can help serve as your first point of contact with a one-call or first contact resolution.

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