5 High-Impact Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for Non-Profits

In a time with extremely saturated digital media, direct mail allows modern non-profit organizations to add unique and personal components to their marketing campaigns. Let’s explore the ways your non-profit can expand its reach and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies with direct mail.

5 Strategies for Local Direct Mail

5 strategies for local direct mail

Direct mail is one of the most effective and valuable marketing channels for your organizations to reach its target audience, especially when you deploy local campaigns. You and your local community can benefit from a partnership. Reach out to people in your local area. You can teach them about your organization and share your mission. Local marketing strategies can help improve your response rates.

Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 9: Shifting Responses Online

Some marketers think their online and offline marketing strategies can’t mix. But this isn’t the case, especially when it comes to direct mail and websites. Directing targeted traffic to your website is about building a list of people who match the profile of your ideal member. If the offer is right, the prospects will respond. One of the most powerful tools for generating leads on any website is a landing page. The landing page is a page that’s free of distractions and can funnel your visitors through to a compelling offer that they can’t resist.

Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 10: Timing is Everything

Timing is everything in a direct mail marketing campaign. Running your organization involves many moving parts. Planning perfectly timed direct mail may not rank as a high priority on your list, but timing is one of the simplest and most important aspects of any marketing campaign. Sending time-sensitive mailers too late can reduce your response […]

Direct Mail Fundraising: 5 Impactful Strategies that Work

Direct mail fundraising is vital to an organization that desires to raise the most possible money for their cause. Non-profit organizations can create an impactful direct mail campaign to enhance the donor experience and boost donations. Encourage people to join you in creating a real difference. Think about what your donors care about. Then use […]

How To Make Your Members Feel Connected and Special

If your members’ experience is poor, they aren’t likely going to engage positively with your organization. Unengaged members are less likely to log in, less likely to consume your content, and won’t participate in your community. Ultimately, they are less likely to stick around long-term. Crafting a remarkable member experience comes down to finding ways […]

Importance of Social Media for Non-Profits

Social media allows every organization, no matter their budget, to have the ability to communicate with current and prospective donors around the clock. Most non-profit’s have a Facebook page or Twitter account, but social media in the non-profit world goes beyond piling up “likes.” These social platforms allow your organization to tell its story and […]

Mailing Non-Profit Means Substantial Postage Savings

Nonprofit postage is lower than regular postage prices. Organizations that want to mail with nonprofit USPS marketing prices must first meet the Postal Service eligibility requirements. You can cut your postage spending from $0.291 per piece to as low as $0.173 per piece, which is an $11,800 postage savings on a direct mail campaign with […]

Spam Filters Make Direct Mail More Important

Email marketing seems like a quick and easy way to reach your intended audience. But spam filters are working hard to block any content deemed unwanted by email users. Your simple email marketing campaign may not seem like a great idea once you realize how often non-profit emails get sent to a spam folder. Non-profit […]

Yes, Non-Profits Can Sell Products – Even Through Direct Mail

To support operating costs and staff, non-profit organizations must generate revenue. For most non-profits, donations and grants are a key income stream. However, non-profits can also sell products to raise money. Many non-profits, including hospitals and educational organizations, sell products to help raise revenue and continue offering services. The type of products organizations can offer […]