Yes, Non-Profits Can Sell Products – Even Through Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
August 8, 2019
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To support operating costs and staff, non-profit organizations must generate revenue. For most non-profits, donations and grants are a key income stream. However, non-profits can also sell products to raise money. Many non-profits, including hospitals and educational organizations, sell products to help raise revenue and continue offering services.

The type of products organizations can offer varies widely. Your non-profit can sell books, newsletters, audiotapes, videotapes, seminars, and clothing, among many other products. These product sales can help to promote your organization by spreading the word about your mission, especially when it comes to merchandising.

Let’s explore some key strategies and options that exist for non-profits and product sales.

Selling Products Through Direct Mail

Direct mail is the greatest single form of advertising. It’s even more extensive than TV, magazine, and newsletter advertising. When you understand your targeted audience, you can send personalized direct mail with product offerings they would be interested in purchasing. A significant advertising opportunity is offering clothing and other products with your organization’s name and logo on the items. Members can purchase these products and feel a special connection to your organization. Your organization’s name is also spread through word of mouth when others see shirts or mugs with your logo on them.

Easy Purchasing Options

Mailing brochures is an easy and effective way to show your available products to members. They can browse the catalog at their leisure and make purchase decisions when they have time.

There are two ways you can help make the purchasing option easier for your members. The first option is to include a mail-back form in your direct mail content. This form will allow your members to fill out what items they would like to purchase and send it back to you. You can include a pre-paid mailer with the form to make this process even easier for your members.

The second option is to provide a link back to your online product page. After browsing your products through your direct mail channel, members can follow the link and make the purchase online. This method allows you to engage with members through direct mail and digital channels.

There are no limitations on which option you choose. Some members may find it easier to send a form back to you while others prefer the streamlined process of ordering online. Either way, you can increase the chances members purchase products by providing options and clear instructions for how to order.

Better Member Experience

The relationship with members is just as important for non-profits as they are for for-profit businesses. One way to build a positive member experience is by offering products through direct mail. Your members may not be aware that you have products available. When you present products to them, potential members and donors can decide how they would like to engage with your organization and mission. This type of engagement helps recipients feel more in tune and involved with your organization. By wearing an item with your organization’s name or logo, member’s can help spread awareness and share with others the positive experiences they’ve had with your organization, or more deeply represent your organization’s mission and goals.

Sell products through direct mail with Valtim

Selling products through direct mail channels allows for a much more personalized approach compared to product advertising online. Valtim can help your organization sell products through direct mail channels. We offer a wide variety of mailer options, including brochure packets, mail inserts, and catalogs.

If you want to send a short product sampling to your members, you can opt for a small brochure packet. Or Valtim can build a mail insert that highlights products you think your audience will enjoy. Valtim can also help create and assemble an extensive catalog full of all your products if you prefer providing a wider variety of products. When you offer a personalized direct mail piece, you can be confident that you’ll reach your targeted audience every time.

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