5 Strategies for Local Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
August 18, 2020
5 strategies for local direct mail

Direct mail is one of the most effective and valuable marketing channels for your organizations to reach its target audience, especially when you deploy local campaigns. You and your local community can benefit from a partnership. Reach out to people in your local area. You can teach them about your organization and share your mission. Local marketing strategies can help improve your response rates.

Here are five strategies that will help your non-profit provide a better experience with local direct mail.


The first step in building a local mail campaign is identifying your market. Determine which area of town you want to share your content with first. You can narrow down your local audience by using geo-mapping technology. Geo-mapping lets you choose a specific location based on several factors, including where a property is and what other properties are nearby. You can adjust your mailing list with geo-mapping every time so that you can change the mailing list for every local mailer.

You don’t need to rely on bulky zip codes, obsolete census data, or carrier routes. You can deliver a one-to-one marketing solution with geo-mapping, which will lift your response rates and give you a competitive edge. Pinpointing your audience also allows you to save money and conserve resources.

Get Personal

It would be best if you personalized all your direct mail, especially your local outreach. Direct mail is a more personal experience than other marketing options. Using personalization in your local campaigns is a fantastic way to bond with people in your area. It will help if you personalize every aspect of your direct mail.

A personalized greeting is a great way to start your message. Then, provide a direct call-to-action show more one-on-one interaction instead of keeping it general. Tell your local community what you want them to do and how they can help your mission. Every personal touch leads to your materials sounding less like they are coming from a non-profit and more like a concerned friend. When you use this approach you can encourage your prospects to take action.

Include Contact Info

The significant advantage local non-profits have over national their non-profit counterparts is precisely that—they are local. It’s easier working with a smaller non-profit than a larger one, especially when the smaller organization is nearby. Always include your contact information. Give your local audience your organization’s address and a map of your location. Provide identifying landmarks near your building so they can easily recognize the area. You should also provide your phone number, email address, website URL, social media profiles, and open office hours. People appreciate knowing all this information because you appear accessible and reachable.

Provide a Business Card

In addition to providing contact information, always give your readers a business card in the mailer. Business cards are very personal. Most people only get them through face-to-face interactions. A business card is a subtle way of reinforcing the idea that you are a local non-profit. It’s also another piece with your contact information, which increases the chances that a prospect will reach you.

Participate in Local Events

A great local strategy is combing direct mail promotions with local events. When people are interested in an event, they are likely involved in promotions related to the event. Use local events to your advantage. Send out materials with promotions that tie into an event. Your response rates will gain traction based on your local connection and your relevant promotion.

Delivering Local Direct Mail with Valtim

Valtim can help your non-profit reach its local community. We can help build your local mailer using geo-mapping methods. Geo-mapping your audience will help specify which people you want to reach out to the most. Once we create your mailing list, you can personalize your message with the details you want to share the most. We’ll make sure your contact information is in the mailer and that you don’t forget to include a business card. Valtim can also recommend promotions that may work well with an upcoming local event.

Contact Valtim to get started on your next local direct mail campaign.

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