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You’ve probably heard about the three most important words in real estate—location, location, location. More specifically: Where a property is, and what other properties and services are near it, is of paramount importance. Marketing for other industries often follows the same rule of thumb. Knowing where to pitch your tent, open a new store, or expand into a brand-new regional or international market is typically the difference between wild success and abysmal failure.

By combining Geo mapping with digital print and mail it’s easy to show the target audience their geographical relation to a local business, emergency room, doctors office and more. Maps can be included with directions to the location and even distance and travel time required to get there.

Geo-marketing is not a short-term marketing strategy, nor is it a campaign by itself. Rather, it is a tool marketers use to determine strategies and create campaigns—a method of handling data that creates powerful and actionable insights into the market environment. Geo-marketing is the use of location knowledge to frame marketing efforts, using digital mapping to organize and display data for review and decision-making. The digital map allows marketers to analyze data by geographic region (such as a suburban area bordering a major city) or specific physical location (such as a particular store). Today’s digital technology, with location data available through social media and mobile devices, will only help this marketing approach continue to increase in power and capability.

Valtim Marketing Solutions can help you use your mail list to target your potential customers with a Geo Mapping / Digital Print mail campaign.

  • Customized Map for Every Mail Piece

    Include a custom map based on geographic data. This could include directions to your organization, local POI’s, or similar geo-data driven graphics.

  • Include Geo-Data

    Dynamically share geo-specific data with your customers. Such as number of miles, average drive time, or near by attractions.

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