How To Make Your Members Feel Connected and Special

By: Andrew Glover
January 23, 2020

If your members’ experience is poor, they aren’t likely going to engage positively with your organization. Unengaged members are less likely to log in, less likely to consume your content, and won’t participate in your community. Ultimately, they are less likely to stick around long-term. Crafting a remarkable member experience comes down to finding ways to make members feel extra special.

Benefits of Connected Members

Your organization benefits greatly when your members feel connected. Someone who feels connected to your organization may turn into a life-long member who continues to donate and volunteer time. If members don’t feel connected or special, they will try to find that kind of appreciation with another organization. Focus on making members feel connected and special so your membership base is strong and thriving for years.

Helpful Tips

It’s easy to become complacent about your donors and volunteers. You contribute so much time promoting new prospects and growing connections that once someone donates, you tend to check them off the list and move on to the next prospect. But this tactic leads to a never-ending stream of lapsed donors. Instead of trying to find new donors to replace the donors you lost, you should focus on making your current members feel connected and special.

Here are a few tips you can use to make members stick around for many years.

Welcoming Members

It would be best if you took the time to greet every new member. Whether they joined your organization through the mail or joined online, send them a personalized welcome message. Acknowledging their membership shows that you care about them individually and can create a lasting impression. Using a member’s name purposefully can leave a lasting impression. The fact that you noticed that they joined and you’re expressing your appreciation will make new members feel special. The more welcome a person feels, the more likely they are to stick around as a long-term member.

Membership Cards

Membership cards bring great value to your organization and its mission. Here are a few reasons why you should consider sending physical membership cards to all your members.

Top of Mind

Membership cards are a fantastic way to make your members feel connected. A card is a physical reminder to members that they are part of something big – your organization! The card is a helpful reminder to your members to participate in discussions, events, and conferences.

Reminder of Value

A card reminds your members of the value they receive from their membership. When it’s time to renew, they will want to continue as a member. The type of card you use can also communicate your organization’s value. You’ll want to consider that when selecting a card type. A high-quality plastic card will characterize your organization as a group that is valuable and worth joining.

A Strong Connection

A membership card can serve as a form of identification for your events. Giving members a card with their photo ID on it adds a level of connection and sense of feeling special. For many people, carrying a membership card is also a status symbol and a way for them to show their pride in belonging to your organization.

Thank Donors Quickly

If you want donors to continue giving, thank them immediately. Let them know how crucial their donations are for your work and mission. If you don’t acknowledge a donor’s gift, they won’t feel valued, and their giving may cease to exist. When you show appreciation towards donations, members will want to keep donating again and again.

High-Quality Membership Cards with Valtim

Valtim offers very high-quality membership cards. People feel a great sense of pride when becoming a member of an elite group. The proof of bearing that membership comes with carrying a quality membership card. A membership card allows members to prove their status. Our clients are happy to give their members a card with superior image quality.

Valtim provides numerous choices during the creation of the custom plastic membership cards, and our clients can establish the layout of their elite, easy to carry ID cards. Contact Valtim to start designing your membership cards now.

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