Direct Mail Fundraising: 5 Impactful Strategies that Work

By: Andrew Glover
February 6, 2020
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Direct mail fundraising is vital to an organization that desires to raise the most possible money for their cause. Non-profit organizations can create an impactful direct mail campaign to enhance the donor experience and boost donations. Encourage people to join you in creating a real difference. Think about what your donors care about. Then use your mailer as a place to explain what you are doing about it. Tell the member what’s in it for them and why they should care about your cause.

Let your members know that you care about more than just their wallets, too. A great direct mail campaign is part of a comprehensive communication approach. Communicate with your community year-round and share the victories made possible through their help. Encourage donors and potential donors to participate in events, to volunteer, to receive your newsletter, or to follow you on social media. By staying in touch with your members outside of fundraising times, your community will grow, and your fundraising will increase.

Here are five strategies to help you along your way in creating a successful fundraising campaign.

Make It Personal

No one wants to feel like just another number on a spreadsheet. Impersonal fundraising campaigns can cause donors to feel this way. Adding personal touches to your direct mail fundraising messages helps a donor feel like a person and not a number. You should always use each donor’s first name and refer to any action that the donor took in the past. These basics tactics make donors take notice of the message and consider its merits instead of immediately discarding the mailer and moving on.

Ask For the Right Amount

Asking for a suggested donation has a higher success rate than an open-ended request. But the trick is asking for the right amount. If you ask for too little, a donor may only commit to the lower amount instead of writing in a larger number. If you ask for too much, you could put off donors who may end up feeling that their contributions won’t matter. You can include a personalized ask amount, which you can determine by analyzing data like a donor’s history with you or public records.

Targeting the Right Audience

Like any marketing campaign, choosing the right audience for fundraising is crucial. Target those who have given in the past, if they’re a good match. You can also cultivate a new list, including people who aren’t familiar with your brand yet but who you want to reach. Think about targeting possible donors who have helped organizations like yours in the past. You can also use geo-targeting techniques to send donations requests to people in a general area, like near your building or in a specific zip code or city. Your organization can benefit by involving locals and neighbors. Their donations can lead to a lifelong commitment to your cause.

Incorporate VDP

Variable data printing is perfect for transactional documents, including donation receipts, membership renewal statements, and endowment fund statements. These types of materials are ready for personalization. Your donors won’t be shaken by a personalized message on these documents since they are already personal. Documents like an endowment fund statement can include an annual fund ask or a heartfelt, non-generic thank you.

Use MyFont

Using a personal, handwritten note shows special care and will undoubtedly stand out in the mailbox mix of ads and bills. MyFont is an excellent strategy to incorporate in your direct mail fundraising campaign since it offers a handwritten appearance. You can use MyFont on envelopes, letters, and many other direct mail materials. Using MyFont adds a level of personalization that many organizations can’t offer their donors. The appearance MyFont offers your mailers is very personal and can significantly enhance the possibility of more contributions.

Creating a Fundraising Campaign with Valtim

Valtim has all the services you need to create a successful fundraising campaign. We help our clients generate personalized content by offering services like MyFont, variable data printing, and geo-targeting. We offer many low-cost options as well, including postcard mailers. We are experts in non-profit direct mail marketing and with decades of experience in helping non-profits build fundraising campaigns with strategic considerations. Contact Valtim to see how we can help you find success with your next fundraising campaign.

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