Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 9: Shifting Responses Online

By: Andrew Glover
August 12, 2020

Some marketers think their online and offline marketing strategies can’t mix. But this isn’t the case, especially when it comes to direct mail and websites. Directing targeted traffic to your website is about building a list of people who match the profile of your ideal member. If the offer is right, the prospects will respond. One of the most powerful tools for generating leads on any website is a landing page. The landing page is a page that’s free of distractions and can funnel your visitors through to a compelling offer that they can’t resist.

How To Get Prospects Responding Online

One of the main reasons your organization should strive to direct prospects to your online platform is because it’s easier to collect response data in this manner. Direct mail is a powerful tool for you to use as a way of directing traffic to a landing page. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when using direct mail to drive traffic to landing pages.

Social Media Targeting

Social media and direct mail are a powerful combination. Multi-channel marketing is an excellent way of merging your online and offline channels. Direct mail and social media complement one another in many ways. You can use social media to create anticipation about an upcoming direct mail offer. You can also include social icons in direct mail pieces to encourage prospects and members to share offers.

In your direct mail, include your social media names and pages. Sharing your names and pages is an excellent way of bringing your prospects to your online community. You can integrate your social media in your direct mail, which can assist in delivering the prospect to your landing page. When used together, both channels can make your existing marketing more effective.

QR Codes

Direct mail marketing numbers are more difficult to get compared to digital marketing channels. For that reason, you should move your direct mail reader’s over to your online platform. One way of doing this is by using a QR code, which is a 2-D barcode that opens up a webpage once a person scans the code with their phone. Using a QR code in direct mail allows you to track user data, like location, time, and data of the scan. It also allows you to compute the efficiency of the marketing campaign by looking at engagement, scan rates, and sales. QR codes are effortless to add to any direct mail piece so that you can use them with any project and design.

Special URLs

Another exceptional method of driving traffic online is by using specialized URLs in your direct mail piece. You can easily track your results and integrate direct mail with your digital and email marketing strategies. A specialized URL sometimes referred to as a personalized URL (pURL), adds a personalized element to your mailer. Each person receives a different pURL on their mail piece. The link provided leads each person to an individual webpage built just for them. The unique URL with their name included makes the offer unique and relevant to them. It captures their attention and increases the likelihood that they will visit your landing page to check out the offer. The other benefit of using pURLs is through the data that they provide marketers. The pURLs allows you to track when each URL is visited, which gives you valuable insight into who has engaged with your offer. You can also see when they visited your landing page, how long they were on the page, and whether or not they submitted information or continued engaging with any of your calls to action on the page.

Shifting Responses Online with Valtim

Valtim understands that driving traffic online is beneficial for both the member and the organization. Using social media, QR codes, and special URLs allows you easy ways of bringing your membership to your online stream. Using a multi-channel marketing strategy has many benefits, like building a more substantial membership base and tracking your data more accessible than before. Let Valtim help you construct a direct mail campaign that will bring your prospects and members to your online pages.

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