Importance of Social Media for Non-Profits

By: Andrew Glover
December 12, 2019

Social media allows every organization, no matter their budget, to have the ability to communicate with current and prospective donors around the clock. Most non-profit’s have a Facebook page or Twitter account, but social media in the non-profit world goes beyond piling up “likes.” These social platforms allow your organization to tell its story and spread awareness about your mission.

Most organizations are focused on furthering social causes or advocating for shared points-of-view. Social media serves as a great resource to help advance a non-profit organization’s goal. The platforms available present a central place to collaborate and connect while gaining feedback from the audience and stakeholders in the organization.

How Non-Profits Can Benefit from a Social Media Presence

By having a social media presence, your organization’s members can reach out to your non-profit and your community. You need to engage and connect with your audience by opening discussions with them. Creating a discussion platform encourages your members to interact with you and other members. This sense of active community builds stronger relationships all around.

Most social media platforms have a private messaging function, too, which allows you to integrate a chat feature for members who don’t want their comments or questions publicly displayed online.

Compelling social media messages can help engage supporters while capturing and retaining their attention. Social media dramatically helps increase awareness of your organization’s brand. Increasing awareness helps you increase support during fundraising efforts. Creating shareable content during a fundraising event helps generate more exposure. People will be more motivated to get behind your mission when they see what your non-profit is doing. When people value your content, they share it with their friends, and your message continues to spread your mission. Social media is fantastic at getting a message to spread quickly.

Connecting With Your Patrons

However, using social media isn’t only about broadcasting information about your non-profit. It provides you with the opportunity to connect with supporters by directly responding to their questions and comments. Social media allows you to join in new conversations and genuinely engage. With a little effort, you can create a dialogue that helps donors feel like more than just a cash machine.

A strong social media presence also helps drive traffic to your website. You can connect your social media and your website. When you make a post on social media, you can link it to your website. Then on your website, you can have your social media feeds on the main page. Creating a connection between both online sites creates a constant flow of contact, and you can build a stronger following to both your main website and your social pages.

Manage Social Media Through Outsourced Monitoring

Your social media efforts can’t be a side venture or a task randomly assigned to an intern. It should be integrated with your overall marketing strategy and aligned with your organization’s goals. Choosing an outsourced company to monitor your social media ensures you have someone always focused on frequently posting and professionally interacting with your community. Those constant interactions help promote your brand’s visibility and maintains community engagement.

It’s incredibly important to protect your brand once you have established a social media presence. Outsourcing social media monitoring to a company with experience in social media management is an effective method of safeguarding your brand.

Valtim provides very well-trained experts who are knowledgeable in social media engagement. Our social media experts will respond to requests for information about your organization. They also monitor all social media posts for inappropriate or questionable comments.

An investment in social media monitoring can play a critical role in the success of your organization.  An effectively-deployed social media monitoring strategy can improve your ability to engage with your community and spread the word of your mission.

Choose Valtim to Monitor Your Social Media

When you choose Valtim to monitor your social media, we form a Contact Center team specifically for your non-profit. The Contact Center team is well versed in social media and familiar with monitoring interactions. They will go through a series of training sessions that provide each team member with the necessary brand knowledge. This team becomes the face of your social media community. Each member is trustworthy and responsive. They will protect your organization’s reputation by offering quick and informative details to your prospects and members.

Reach out to Valtim to learn how to get started with our social media monitoring.

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