Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 8: Refining Your Message

There comes a time when your direct mail campaign needs to change its messaging. When we hear the same chord repeatedly played eventually, it starts sounding a little stale. The same goes for messaging. When your organization relies on one limited collection of messages, your members become tone-deaf toward what you are trying to say. […]

Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 7: Maintaining Members

Maintaining membership rates is crucial for the health of any organization. You can build a base of supporters, but keeping your members loyal is an ongoing commitment. You can continually recruit new members, but if you have a leaking bucket, meaning members flowing in the top but slowly leaking out the bottom, you are wasting […]

Use Interactive Postcards for High-Interest Direct Mail

Interactive postcards include specific elements that the receiver can interact with on the card. They provide instant communication with your prospects and members while incorporating a level of interest that is hard to match with other forms of marketing. Thanks to the interactivity aspect, a prospect or member may be more likely to respond to […]

How to Keep Direct Mail Postage Costs Low

With its incredibly high return on investment, direct mail marketing should be a key part of you marketing strategy. But you’ll want to make sure you plan for all of the costs associated with direct mail, including the cost of postage. Direct mail costs are often a game of volume, so cutting some of the […]

5 High-Impact Nonprofit Marketing Ideas

Whether your organization is promoting a significant milestone, looking to fund a specific need, or hoping to switch up your year-end fundraising, nonprofit marketing campaigns are your best friend. Nonprofits have critically important missions that often don’t match their operating budgets. That’s why organizations need to innovate and make the most of their heavily-committed resources. […]

Direct Mail Planning for Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

We need to think outside the box and try new things when it comes to direct mail planning in 2020 and beyond. Your original marketing goals for 2020 may have been different than when the COVID-19 crisis kicked into high gear. The pandemic continues to disrupt many of the relationships and operational structures organizations have […]

How to Use Direct Mail Marketing for Holidays

The holiday season is an exciting time filled with festivities, food, and friends. Just the right message from an integrated direct mail campaign can help your organization capture the moment of almost any holiday. However, holiday-focused direct mail messages require time and planning well in advance, so getting started early is critical to making sure […]

The Pros & Cons of Multi-touch Direct Mail Campaigns

Multi-touch campaigns assign attribution to each channel and provide a complete view of how marketing channels work together. In each of the many multi-touch models available, you assign each touch a fraction of the conversion credit. Multi-touch attribution requires the ability for you to track individual members across multiple channels. For instance, you may need […]

Direct Mail Branding: What to Do (and What to Avoid)

Your organization needs to make a strong first impression for your direct mail marketing to be effective. You have less than a minute with each interaction to make a worthwhile impression on your recipient. Use that time wisely by crafting a mail piece that captures their attention instantly. Unless you’re opting for postcards, your first […]

How to Protect Direct Mail from Damage

The physical nature of direct mail marketing means you’ll need to take into account the possibility that your mailers will get damaged in the process. Mailers are very vulnerable to scuffing, ripping, tearing, or breaking, depending on the materials you use and how it’s handled (or mishandled, as it were). While some damage is completely […]