How to Use Direct Mail Marketing for Holidays

By: Andrew Glover
August 3, 2020

The holiday season is an exciting time filled with festivities, food, and friends. Just the right message from an integrated direct mail campaign can help your organization capture the moment of almost any holiday. However, holiday-focused direct mail messages require time and planning well in advance, so getting started early is critical to making sure your message is clear, inoffensive, and captures your audience in just the right way to convert.

Digital marketing may seem like a quicker option, but around the holidays, people may pay more attention to their mail than they do for the rest of the year. Don’t view direct mail as a hassle this holiday season. Instead, view direct mail marketing as a powerful tool that will set your organization apart. A direct mail marketing campaign can give your organization the edge it needs to motivate prospects to take action.

Here are a few tips you can use to increase engagement with your direct mail marketing campaign around the holiday season.

Send Direct Mail Postcards

Individuals become inundated with catalogs and offers during the holiday season. You can stand out and make more of an impression by using direct mail postcards instead. You can make postcards personal and festive.

Adding a personalized note of gratitude goes a long way, too. Postcards allow your recipient to see and read your message instantly without needing to open an envelope or flip through a booklet. The holiday season is a busy time for mail, and you must make it easy for your prospects to digest your message in seconds.

Add Unique Textures or Design Elements

Give your prospects a reason to pay attention to your mailpiece. You can add a simple raised design that can trigger curiosity when sorting through a pile of flat pieces of paper. You can use contrasting colors and textures, like a velveteen snowflake on a blue background. Adding unique textures and colors helps give your direct mail a distinguishing look in a crowded mailbox.

Include a Memorable Aspect

Taste and smell are tired more closely to memory than visual stimuli. The holidays are a great time to include a small treat, like a piece of candy, a pack of fresh spices, or a scratch and sniff sticker in your direct mail marketing materials. This route isn’t for everyone, however, so consider the potential for allergies before including consumables or scented items with chemicals. You should contain any food or spice within a protective package and make sure it’s clearly labeled.

Remember the New Year

Maybe the holidays are not the best marketing time for your brand’s messages. Don’t forget the New Year when crafting your direct mail campaign. Many people are ready to make purchases after the holiday season because of sales. Use this time to promote a special offer that expires soon after the New Year. An enticing offer that is a great deal will bring in new prospects.

Focus on Multi-Channel Marketing

Your campaign success is more significant when you combine direct mail with email marketing and social media. If you are giving away great prizes through your social media platform, make sure your current and prospective members know about it by using direct mail. You increase your reach by combining your different marketing channels. The same applies to email. Merging your communications through your digital and direct mail channels provides the best results. You can reach many more people when you use your channels uniformly instead of keeping them separate.

How to Have a Successful Holiday Direct Mail Campaign

Launching a successful direct mail campaign during the holidays is easy when you have the right direct mail provider in your corner. Direct mail marketing is a simple, cost-effective, and powerful way to boost your organization—partner with a direct mail marketing specialist who understands your mission, audience, and desired outcome. Direct mail marketing is the best way to improve brand awareness, nurture leads, and encourage existing members to re-engage with your brand.

Short Term Campaigns with Valtim

Valtim provides short term campaign options that are perfect for direct mail marketing during the holidays. Short term campaigns allow you to quickly engage with your audience in a specialized marketing campaign. In addition to direct mail pieces, we have a supporting call center that will enable us to respond to your one-off campaigns promptly. We also offer social media monitoring and text and chat support.

Contact Valtim to get started on planning your holiday direct mail marketing project.

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