Use Interactive Postcards for High-Interest Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
August 7, 2020

Interactive postcards include specific elements that the receiver can interact with on the card. They provide instant communication with your prospects and members while incorporating a level of interest that is hard to match with other forms of marketing. Thanks to the interactivity aspect, a prospect or member may be more likely to respond to your message.

The Benefits of Interactive Postcards

Think about the last time you were in a gift store and saw a rack of generic postcards. You should skip the rack and create something special for your audience. Interactive direct mail is the perfect choice for any organization looking to get their message out.

Here are a few reasons why you should use interactive postcards to boost your marketing campaign.

Engage the Senses

The more senses you involve, the more appealing your message is to your audience. Interactive products are more effective because they include more of the senses than your standard mail piece. Depending on the postcard you choose, prospects can do things like feeling the waxy texture of a peel-tab, listen to the opening of the zip of that tab, or scratch a textured surface with a coin to reveal a unique offer. Interactive postcards are more engaging compared to traditional postcards where the person only holds and reads your message.

Provoke an Emotional Response

Interactive postcards increase your audience’s emotional processing and help you make a more impactful impression. Direct mail stands out in your audience’s memories. You will stay in your audience’s mind even longer when you add the kind of tactile and sensory engagement required to process an interactive postcard.


You can design interactive postcards with fun looks that are perfect for high-interest direct mail. For instance, you can make a postcard with your brand colors or use a mission-related background image. These visuals grab your prospects’ attention and help them build more positive associations with your organization. These interactive postcards are also large enough to stand out in every mailbox.

Exciting and Customizable

Interactive postcards grab your members’ attention and generate anticipation with an exclusive offer. They are fun to open and will intrigue your audience. You can include QR codes on your direct mail postcards too.

You can use variable data printing (VDP) to print offers on your postcards as well. VDP gives you the ability to customize your direct mail offers on a scratch-off or peel-a-gift postcard. You can print different offers on every piece or stick to a small number of offers that have already provided you with excellent results.

Postcard Design Tips

Turning your postcard into an interactive game is a great way to get people’s attention and set aside time dedicated to interacting with your message. Placing a scratch-off prize or special offer on your direct mail postcard is fun for your recipients and makes them feel like they have won an exclusive deal.

Your postcard needs to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few direct mail postcard design tips to you should use.

  • Large, bold headlines to draw people in
  • Bright, contrasting colors to stand out
  • Unique and exciting images that are impossible to ignore
  • Bullet points, bold text, and symbols that make your message easy to read
  • Strong typography and easy-to-read fonts that are easy on the eyes and contribute to your message
  • A clean design with plenty of white space that helps your essential text and images to stand out

Interactive Postcards with Valtim

Valtim has many postcards options that will help get your message to your prospects and members at any time. Try throwing some interactive direct mail postcards into your marketing mix this year to take your print marketing efforts to the next level. Interactive postcards will help you connect with your prospects personally and make an impression that sticks in their memories. We can help your direct mail campaign stand out in all mailboxes with just a few variations on a basic postcard.

Contact Valtim to learn more about our direct mail postcard options.

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