Direct Mail Planning for Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

By: Andrew Glover
August 4, 2020

We need to think outside the box and try new things when it comes to direct mail planning in 2020 and beyond. Your original marketing goals for 2020 may have been different than when the COVID-19 crisis kicked into high gear. The pandemic continues to disrupt many of the relationships and operational structures organizations have in place. You may have new marketing concerns and may need to restructure your direct mail planning and processes.

Here are some best practices to focus on going forward.

Data Is Everything

One of your marketing concerns may about the reliability of your data. You can use the information your organization already possesses for segmentation, personalization, and a better understanding of your members and lifestyle. For instance, a person’s net worth may be more important than income when evaluating which members may still have more substantial levels of discretionary income in the following months.

First-party data can also present a better picture of the whole household beyond the specific member. Factors like age, presence of children, gender, marital status, and whether they are grandparents can help focus on the right services to promote. Your data is likely still reliable, but make sure you are using it correctly to market during these troubling times.

Plan for Promotions

Many affluent prospects and members have middle-class spending values. This trend continues to snowball regardless of wealth because people look for value when spending their money. Many of your interested prospects or dedicated members may not feel comfortable volunteering their time right now.

The primary way to help your mission right now is by financially donating. But everyone is worried about their finances currently. You will need to provide promotions now more than ever. Look at your audience’s data and determine what promotions would be best for future years. You can gain more of a following and more faithful members by offering relevant promotions now.

Don’t Go Quiet

Pulling back on marketing in moments of crisis is a huge mistake. Your marketing pipeline will likely shrivel to nothing if you don’t maintain a strong marketing voice. People will remember how brands communicated with them during tough times. This is your opportunity to make a deep emotional connection. If you stop all communication, prospects may seek out a competitor to help fill that void. If you don’t communicate, you may leave your audience wondering about your organization’s strength, its leadership, and its ability to survive.

You need to modify your marketing to suit the times. Variable data printing allows you the option of personalizing each mail piece. You can connect with each prospect and members on a 1-to-1 level. VDP lets you change the text or images on each piece, which creates a unique experience for the recipient. So you can keep your mission front and center while providing reassurance and support during this time.

Marketing During a Pandemic in 2020

If all you have sent are postcards or letters, try a new format to gain more attention. Consider sending larger pieces because they get higher response rates. These options are more costly to create, but the ROI is much better. People who are stuck at home because of COVID-19 may be looking for comfort as they settle into this new world. It’s necessary to consider this new reality when direct mail planning.

Direct mail remains a powerful tool for formulating connections. The brands that skillfully use their strengths and ingenuity to their member outreach during this challenging phase will be the ones that come out strong on the other side.

Marketing with Valtim in 2020 and Beyond

Valtim has provided variable data printing services for over 30 years. VDP is a great tool that allows you to print just what you need at any given time. If you plan on running a variety of promotions for different groups of people, then VDP is a great choice. You can personalize and customize many elements of the mail piece to feel unique to the individual people. VDP is a great tool during the pandemic, and it will continue being helpful after.

Contact Valtim to get creative and have some fun planning out your 2020 direct mail strategy.

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