5 High-Impact Nonprofit Marketing Ideas

By: Andrew Glover
August 5, 2020

Whether your organization is promoting a significant milestone, looking to fund a specific need, or hoping to switch up your year-end fundraising, nonprofit marketing campaigns are your best friend. Nonprofits have critically important missions that often don’t match their operating budgets. That’s why organizations need to innovate and make the most of their heavily-committed resources.

Here are five high-impact nonprofit marketing ideas to jumpstart your organization’s strategy.

Use Content Marketing to Promote Your Mission

One of the most ingenious marketing ideas you can execute is content marketing. Data is everything in a digital world, but so is information. One of the most beneficial things you can do to keep your audience coming back to you is to show your expertise in the cause you champion.

You should include content marketing in your broad marketing strategy. For example, a few ideas you can use would be to hold virtual events, put out free ebooks, or develop a podcast. Whatever path you take, think about continually providing your supporters and the public with free, relevant, and engaging content.

Clean Data Is a Necessity for Nonprofit Marketing

Clean data may not seem like a remarkable marketing idea, but it is. The “garbage in, garbage out” adage is true. If you don’t consistently review and ensure that your data is clean, you can harm your marketing efforts.

Marketing today is all about information and telling your fundraising story well. But if your data is skewing anything because it isn’t accurate, then your marketing efforts can target the wrong audience or marketing channels. Make it a point to treat data as a priority in your nonprofit. Make sure there are regular checks and audits on your data.

Establish Partnerships

One of the greatest marketing ideas you can perform is creating partnerships. Reliable partnerships can have long-lasting benefits for your nonprofit. For instance, think about connecting with like-minded charities and other organizations providing mission-related content. Then, you can figure out how both of you can market and promote your groups.

You could live stream a joint event or distribute valuable materials for your followers. When you team up with other brands, you leverage and increase the visibility of your organization. You also show your prospects and supporters that you explore opportunities for collaboration. Both the public and donors want nonprofits to collaborate with others in the community.

Empower Your Supports to Fundraise Online

Multiple platforms enable your supporters to fundraise online. Your members set up their giving page and then use their own social media networks to ask friends to donate. This is an online tactic that has generated significant numbers of donations for nonprofits, and you can measure the positive ROI.

For this strategy to work, you need to give your supporters specific suggestions. Tell them to include a personal story about why they are passionate about your nonprofit and provide them with an example of what that type of story looks like for their giving page.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is a useful tool for nonprofit marketing. Conversion through direct mail usually results in a higher donation value. Direct mail is still exceptionally well received by the general public, especially when it comes to charities. You can integrate your direct mail with online interaction too, which provides the best results.

Direct mail lets you easily add value to your audience. You can give a gift for a donation, which makes your audience feel like they are getting something in return for giving. Adding value doesn’t need to be a special offer. You can provide branded materials that your audience will use in everyday life, like a notepad, pen, or magnet.

Valtim’s High-Impact Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing for nonprofits is unique in the market. For the greatest impact, consider working with a company with decades of experience that also specializes in nonprofit direct mail.

Valtim provides clients with high-impact and creative direct mail options. Direct mail can have extensive benefits for your organization’s ability to share its mission with those most willing to support the cause when done correctly. We offer multiple unique mailers that make direct mail useful for reaching and building lasting relationships with your audience.

Contact Valtim to get started on your next direct mail campaign.

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