A marketing logistics provider, specializing in 1-to-1 marketing (1:1 marketing) fulfillment, including:
Scalable Digital Printing Solutions, Personalized Direct Mail, 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), Contact Center Operations, and Marketing Automation.


Valtim’s Service Line:

Industries & Programs:

Non-Profit Marketing

Valtim has been helping non-profit organizations with their marketing logistics needs for over 30 years! During that time, we have helped (and continue to help) some of this country’s largest charities and cause-based organizations. These include the USO, Red Cross, Smithsonian, NRA, World Vision, and many more. Non-profit communication is at the core of all our services. Whether you are looking for help with your direct-mail fundraising initiatives, need assistance answering incoming calls, or are looking to integrate all your different communications channels Valtim will be there for you.

Member-Based Organizations

Membership-based organizations have unique challenges beyond traditional non-profits. In addition to supporting their organizational goals and objectives, these organizations also have an obligation to provide benefits and transparent communication to their members. From premium fulfillment, to monthly newsletters, and membership cards, Valtim has your membership marketing services covered. We help organizations not only provide membership communication support, but also improve member acquisition, retention, and sustainer programs. Whether your organization has 10,000 members, or 10,000,000 we have solutions for you.

Customer Service

You have a mission, whether that is providing humanitarian aid, educating the next generation of students, or supporting causes important to society. More than likely answering routine emails and taking endless phone calls is not a part of that mission. Let Valtim take care of your customer support needs so you can focus on what you’re good at and we can focus on what we are good at. Valtim has a complete contact center where we help organizations answer incoming calls, reply to emails, take phone donations / orders, engage on social media, and act as your front line as the best brand ambassador you could ever have.

Higher Education

Colleges, universities, and school systems have demanding student communication and marketing needs. Examples include student searches, program promotion, acceptance letters, and alumni gifting. Valtim has helped dozens of educational clients meet their challenges by providing best-in-class solutions for their program challenges. Let Valtim work with your school and make it easy to reach your goals.

Acquisition & Prospecting

Power up your prospecting and acquisition campaigns. Valtim helps organizations improve their fundraising and/or recruiting efforts by providing brands the tools they need to identify, reach, and interact with the right people, at the right time, in the right channel. From single-channel mail campaigns to a fully managed multi-touch and multi-channel campaign Valtim has helped organizations improve their prospecting results by 40%! Give us a call and ask us about our acquisition and prospecting solutions.

Marketing Automation

Dealing with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of donors, members, or customers can be daunting. Valtim can make this process easier and more reliable by helping you implement marketing automation for your campaign or across your brand. From automated email responses to trackable direct mail to web chat and call center, we help keep your contacts informed with the right message on the right channel.  Stop dealing with spreadsheets and task lists and let Valtim’s marketing automation solution help you.

1-to-1 Marketing

Customers, members, and donors demand more from the organizations that they choose to do business with. At the top of that list is the necessity to treat them in a personal and authentic way. Gone are the days of sending the same mass-broadcast. Today your audience wants to communicate using the channel of their choice, about the topics of their choice, at the time of their choice. Valtim helps make this easy. With fully integrated in-house channel management systems (Print, Mail, Social, Email, Phone, SMS, Web Chat, Marketing Automation), Valtim has 30+ years of experience using big data to help drive communication and improve member/donor/customer experience.

Mail House / Letter Shop

Direct mail still reigns supreme when it comes to overall ROI and response rate. From basic postcards to complex letter packages Valtim has all direct mail needs covered. We offer a vertically integrated manufacturing environment, producing 100% of all mail services in house. From envelope production, to printing services, to mail shop inserting. As a digital print shop Valtim also provides 4-color variable data printing services at no extra charge. Give us call to learn more about our mail house and letter shop services and solutions.


Producing a quality product is only one part of being able to provide a great customer experience through your online store. From helping you design, develop, and launch a powerful ecommerce store, to handling the backend fulfillment logistics, Valtim has helped many companies deploy, manage, and advance their e-commerce operations. Our IT and creative teams can help build you a cutting edge and mobile friendly e-commerce site, link the site with your payment platform of choice, and manage order communication. Our fulfillment teams can pick, pack, and ship your order with turnaround times as quick as same day (depending on product and SLA), and our warehousing system can communicate inventory status back to your website. Need help with customer service or marketing? We do that too. Give us a call today.

Branded Products

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is by being visible. This is accomplished not only through print and digital marketing, but also by having branded material out in the world for all to see and respond to. Examples include T-Shirts, Hats, accessories, and all manner of promotional products. Working with some of the largest brands in the country means that Valtim has tremendous buying power. Which we leverage to help provide our clients affordable solutions for their premium marketing and branded material programs.

Premium Marketing

One of the best ways to encourage membership or donations is by offering members/donors a thank you gift in exchange for their loyalty. Examples include apparel, backpacks, books, and many other items that can be offered in exchange for various levels of financial support. However, managing these premium programs can sometimes be daunting. Let Valtim handle all your logistics needs. From procurement of your item, to warehousing and inventory control, to inventory management and order notifications. Valtim supports premium programs for some of the largest brands and sends out millions of products every year to their supportive members/donors. Give us a call to see how Valtim can help solve your hardest logistical challenges.

On-Demand / Just In Time

Get rid of your massive stockpiles of marketing material, cut down on warehousing costs, remove transportation requirements, and eliminate spoilage risk by switching your marketing programs to on-demand printing and just-in-time delivery. Valtim provides best-in-class digital printing and vertically integrated mail services that eliminate costly pre-printed materials and multiple vendor management. With fast turn-times you will never need to worry about having marketing material ready to go when you need them. Give us a call today to learn how Valtim helps reduce your carrying costs today.