Personalize Direct Mail Graphics for Better Results

Personalization is one of the main reasons why direct mail is so effective in generating great results. Your organization has the advantage of getting personal with direct mail marketing. People respond better when they believe you are communicating with them one-on-one. Today’s technology makes adding personalization to your mailings easier and more affordable than ever […]

The Importance of Direct Mail Marketing in a Down Economy

Many organizations have started pulling back on their marketing efforts, but now is the time to stay the course — or increase your marketing budget. Your organization should refine your message and devote more budget to advertising, especially through direct mail. During a down economy, people set stricter priorities and reduce their spending habits, but […]

2020 Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 4: Designing Mail Pieces

Design plays a crucial role when it comes to creating a great direct mail piece. Designing direct mail involves more than just colors and imagery. A practical design guides your prospects and members through your advertisement and drives home your marketing message in a visually appealing manner. A great design also adheres to your brand […]

How to Avoid Alienating Your Direct Mail Recipients

Direct mail captures attention, but what do you do with that attention? Countless things can go wrong with a direct mail campaign. Poorly planned or delivered direct marketing tactics can offend potential and existing members. Before you plan your next campaign, see that you are not making any mistakes that can not only cost you […]

How to Use Membership Cards in a Direct Mail Campaign

In the digital age, it’s easy to say we don’t need a physical membership card for our members. It’s easier for us to email members a card instead of mailing them a physical copy. But like digital marketing, a digital membership card can get lost in the clutter and be easily forgotten. In the long […]

A Simple Breakdown of Color Theory in Marketing

Color theory is the art and science of colors. Color theory focuses on our understanding of how colors mix, how people interpret colors, and the message the colors communicate. People are more attracted to color ads compared to black and white advertisements. That statement holds true of online publications as well as the paper world. […]

How to Scale Personalization in Direct Mail

Organizations are continuously searching for new ways to expand their member outreach. Right now, personalization is at the top of marketers lists. Personalization uses digital marketing tools and data analytics to produce compelling marketing opportunities. Using these tools, non-profits can choose pieces of information to generate one-of-a-kind direct mail pieces for prospective and existing members. […]

5 Ways Non-Profits Can Improve Member Experience

Member satisfaction is the key to your growth as a nonprofit., but it can be a challenge to create the right member experience. When you learn how to interact and engage with members, you can help turn your nonprofit into a flourishing organization with members who are eager to participate. There are numerous approaches your […]

Personalization vs. Customization

Personalization and customization are popular words in marketing. Despite their unique importance, many marketers make the bad habit of using the two terms interchangeably. Personalization and customization are not the same; both words have different meanings. Both are also vital to all marketing projects. Here is some helpful information describing the two terms and why […]

Here’s Why Marketing Automation and Personalization Work Well Together

Marketing automation is a technology that allows automatic marketing actions. It makes it possible to quickly complete repetitive tasks. Marketing automation can be generated through emails, social media, digital advertising, and direct mail. Marketers can use marketing automation to drive their most popular leads and create customized campaigns to target ideal members. Marketing automation allows […]