Here’s Why Marketing Automation and Personalization Work Well Together

By: Andrew Glover
May 13, 2019

Marketing automation is a technology that allows automatic marketing actions. It makes it possible to quickly complete repetitive tasks. Marketing automation can be generated through emails, social media, digital advertising, and direct mail.

Marketers can use marketing automation to drive their most popular leads and create customized campaigns to target ideal members. Marketing automation allows organizations to generate better outreach, build their membership base, and optimize their return on investment. The most effective marketing automation efforts are when communications are personalized. Based on available marketing options, direct mail is the most personalized option available and generates the highest level of response rates.

Marketing with Mail Automation

Mail automation allows letters and correspondence to be mailed very quickly. Instead of manually printing communications to your members, you can utilize mail automation software to print and send materials to members automatically. Choosing mail automation allows your marketing project to be completed faster, but it can also be highly personalized.

Each mail piece can be customized before being printed and mailed. The technology used to customize each piece allows the entire process to go smoothly because it doesn’t slow down when personalizing each item. Mail automation is a quick and efficient way to send all type of updates to your members.

Personalize the Automation

Marketing automation and personalization work well together for a number of reasons. Mixing the two tasks together allows organizations to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects into lifelong donors and trusted members. This type of marketing path can create significant growth within non-profit organizations. Here are some common goals achieved by personalized marketing automation.

Create Higher-Value Relationships

Marketing automation helps generate organization outreach by targeting leads. Lead generation is the process of gathering information about prospective members. Then you can reach out to these prospective members with relevant, useful marketing content.

Providing potential members with educational materials explaining your organization’s current and future goals will allow them to determine if they want to build a relationship with your non-profit. When you’re upfront and informative with prospective members, you may find it easier to grow your member-base in the way your organization desires.

Non-profits can reach current and new members effectively when they combine marketing automation and personalization. Marketing automation allows you to contact members efficiently without needing to commit too much extra time into your marketing project. Adding personalization is what enables the development of higher-value relationships with your members. Members appreciate feeling valued and ongoing, personalized communication allows you both to build a high-value relationship.

Generate Monthly Donor Commitment

Marketing automation allows you to reach out to donors consistently. This continuous contact reminds donors of their commitment to your non-profit. Donors need regular contribution reminders. We all can get overwhelmed with our daily lives and that extra check-in with your donors can help build your monthly financial commitments.

Providing donors with informative details like what their donations are going towards can also help them realize what they are helping to achieve within your non-profit. Marketing automation allows your organization to maintain this contact and provide reminders without needing to extend an enormous amount of time and effort every month.

Prove Value to Your Members

Marketing automation can include sending updates to your members as well. You can prove value to your members by giving them frequent updates. Automatic outreach allows for consistent updates. Personalized communications can provide members with new goals and tell them what the organization has been able to achieve with their membership.

Showing the value of their membership is just as important as requesting volunteer time and donor help. Proving the value of their membership can give your members a better idea of what their efforts have helped build with their constant dedication to your organization.

How to Get Started with Valtim

Valtim can help with personalized marketing automation. We will help determine the goal of your marketing efforts and walk you through the steps of achieving a personalized interaction. Then, based on your goals to contact either new or existing members, we can generate personalized communications to send through direct mail or other marketing channels. Let Valtim help you with personalized marketing or mail automation.

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