How to Use Membership Cards in a Direct Mail Campaign

By: Andrew Glover
August 15, 2019

In the digital age, it’s easy to say we don’t need a physical membership card for our members. It’s easier for us to email members a card instead of mailing them a physical copy. But like digital marketing, a digital membership card can get lost in the clutter and be easily forgotten. In the long run, a physical membership card is the best way to provide your members with a high-quality product that accurately represents your organization. Membership cards can also help you retain members when it’s time for their membership renewal.

How Membership Cards Can Be an Effective Tool

Membership cards can be a useful tool in promoting your organization and its mission. You can choose to personalize direct mail by including a sample ID card to potential members. This sample may appear like the cards you receive from credit card companies. The sample card gives a member a good idea of what to expect regarding your organization and its benefits.

If your organization is not currently providing members with membership cards, here are some reasons you should consider providing cards.

Top of Mind

Membership cards are a tangible reminder to members that they are a part of a more significant calling, helping your organization’s mission. A card can serve as a reminder to participate in discussions, events, and conferences. You don’t want to be “out of sight, out of mind.” Sending members a card showing their commitment is a great way to stay on their mind all the time.

Value Reminder

A physical card will remind your members of the value they receive from their membership. When it is time to renew, they will want to continue to be a member. The type of card you choose to use can communicate your organization’s value. People will view your organization as a valuable group worth joining if you decide to use a high-quality plastic card.

Benefits and Privilege Access

Your membership card can be used to let the member easily access benefits or privileges with third-party partners. Whatever partnerships you have, they will appreciate the ease of using a card to complete transactions.


For some members, having a membership card is a status symbol. It’s a way for members to show their pride in belonging to your organization. A paper card doesn’t carry the same level of prestige as a plastic card because they can become faded quickly or torn apart.

Membership Levels

If your organization offers various member levels or types, cards can be a great way to identify different membership levels quickly. You can choose different colors of designs to make each level stand out among the others. This personalization appeals to many people and allows them to recognize others at the same level at a glance.

Data Gathering

If you choose to provide cards with a mag stripe or barcode, you and your partners can gather data each time the members use the card. You can track if a member attends a special event, if they use a third-party benefit, or if they make purchases of your merchandise. The data you can collect will help you determine whether you should continue a third-party benefit. You can also use the data to help craft your next marketing message to target potential members’ interests.

Advertising Opportunities

By mailing a membership card welcome kit, you are presenting the opportunity to market your organization, your events, and your benefits. You can use inserts and printed pieces to multiply your advertising space and increase the value of your membership welcome package.

Membership Cards with Valtim

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to offer a plastic membership card. You can build loyalty among members and ensure renewal when the time arrives. Working with a reputable card vendor, like Valtim, will help when you are setting up your program. Valtim provides a seamless program that will help your members feel appreciated and valued.

As a Valtim partner, you can establish the layout of your easy-to-carry ID card. Each membership card allows the integration of your organization’s needs, including your design, logo, and many more options. You can create high-resolution quality cards at an affordable price. We currently offer personalized membership cards for the organization’s worldwide.

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