5 Ways Non-Profits Can Improve Member Experience

By: Andrew Glover
July 1, 2019

Member satisfaction is the key to your growth as a nonprofit., but it can be a challenge to create the right member experience. When you learn how to interact and engage with members, you can help turn your nonprofit into a flourishing organization with members who are eager to participate.

There are numerous approaches your organization can take to improve your member experience. A few factors to remember include adding personalization when possible, listening to what your member’s like and don’t like, and focusing on your nonprofit’s future goals. Mixing all these aspects together can help create a positive member experience that leaves a lasting impression for years to come.

How to Improve Member Experience

Here are five ways member engagement methods that will help their experience and increase satisfaction.

Send Personal Notes

Sending a handwritten, personal note to your members is a great habit to form. Handwritten notes are a fantastic personalization option. They help solidify the strong feeling of gratitude within you, and the notes send appreciation and care to your members. Everyone yearns to feel connected. The small gesture of sending handwritten notes can create a tremendous impact and generate an exceptional member experience.

Improve Responses and Engagement

Maintaining an active presence on social media is vital in today’s marketing climate. Additionally, when you respond quickly to questions and comments via social media, you can help improve your member experience and your members’ feeling of connectedness with your organization.

People want their voices heard, and often their voice is expressed through an online platform. When you promptly respond to your member’s messages, they will feel appreciated. No one wants to feel ignored. Answering your members online will help provide clarity. Your members want to feel like your focus is on the member’s voices. Quick and visible responses will also help other members. Other members may have the same questions or concerns, and taking the time to respond to them may help other members as well as reduce how frequently you have to answer the same or similar questions.

Ask For Help and Use Volunteers

Nonprofit employees tend to take on more responsibilities than they can handle. But there are many helpful volunteers involved in support of an organization as well. You shouldn’t underestimate the skills your volunteers possess. Volunteers have a strong willingness to help, and it’s best for your member experience to accept their help. Allowing the extra help will make the volunteers even more engaged and loyal in their support of your mission.

Focus on The Future

Members want to know your organization is not dwelling on the past but focusing on the future. Organizations need to focus on their future. Learn from setbacks and experiment with new techniques, but always look forward. You can look back with a critical eye, but your best days are ahead.

Forward thinking can include testing out new marketing techniques and technologies or figuring out ways to include younger generations within your organization’s mission.

Listen to Words to Hone in on Feelings

It’s essential that you asses what is and is not working within your organization. Pay attention to what your members are saying in online communities. Listen to their words and understand the feelings behind them. Approaching member’s with empathy will allow them to have an excellent member experience within your organization.

Improving your member experience with Valtim

Valtim offers a vast variety of products and services that can help your organization in its path to building a phenomenal member experience. We offer a service that allows you to create personalized handwritten fonts, which is a scalable way to boost your engagement through direct mail.

You can also engage with member’s through surveys and gain volunteer assistance through direct mail offerings. Your organization can voice its goals for the future while honing in on the current tone of your member’s experience. The best way to improve member experience is by being aware of what they are happy with and what they are not happy about regarding your nonprofit. Let Valtim help with your next direct mail piece and assist with improving your member experience.

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