How to Scale Personalization in Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
July 22, 2019

Organizations are continuously searching for new ways to expand their member outreach. Right now, personalization is at the top of marketers lists.

Personalization uses digital marketing tools and data analytics to produce compelling marketing opportunities. Using these tools, non-profits can choose pieces of information to generate one-of-a-kind direct mail pieces for prospective and existing members. It’s also possible to scale your personalized marketing materials up or down as needed, without losing quality.

Scaling Personalization

You can design your direct mail marketing in a visually appealing, brand-centered look while including key member details. Direct mail will allow you to share unique offers and information for every type of prospect.

Digging deeper with personalization allows your organization to provide specific messages to your diverse member base. To scale effectively, organizations need to understand their members. Knowing what your members need and want will help you create proper segmentation as a baseline. Then a technology can step in and do the heavy lifting for you.

Here are some ways to scale personalization on a deeper level.

Use a Phased Approach

A one hundred percent personalized marketing program will not materialize overnight. If your organization is not using a personalized approach right now, it will take some time to grow your personalization goals. Think of your long term marketing goals and set milestones along the way to help you reach your goals. For instance, you could start by launching a core set of behaviorally triggered mailers to encourage site retargeting. Then after this project, you could focus on engaging members through events or donations. Whatever your goals may be, set a timeline, and gradually increase your personalization with each project.

Analyze Your Technology

Ask yourself, is the technology you’re using managing your data collection and analytics properly? Are your tools easy or difficult to use? How can you leverage your data to create certain member groups based on focused demographics? If your technology is not working for you, move on to a more helpful tool.

Many organizations continue to deal with frustrations from technologies that are no longer working for them. It’s crucial to analyze your technology every now and again and determine if the technology is still helpful or if it has become harmful to your marketing efforts.

Leverage AI Tools

AI continues to improve and allow marketers to generate hyper-personalized content for any number of members. AI helps emphasize materials with the right tone of voice and with the right offers. But you can add personal, human touches which help encourage lifelong relationships.

Members can receive a tailored marketing experience, and at the same time, you can gather more information about your members. By leveraging AI tools, you can market your brand while researching at the same time. Then each of your future marketing endeavors will be even more tailored and personalized to your member base.

Think About The Big Picture

A thoughtful, strategic, personalized marketing program spans beyond a single direct mail campaign. Scaled personalized marketing is a thread that weaves through all your marketing, regardless of where and when your members engage.

Think about the best way to market to members that will boost retention and value long term commitments.

Look Beyond the Technology

One of the most significant barriers for an organization is having the right technology in place to scale personalized marketing efforts. But as your non-profit searches for a solution, it’s equally important to look beyond the technology. Your organization needs to understand what kind of strategic partner a vendor can be.

You want a technology vendor who will allocate time with your organization to learn your organization’s aspirations and help plan the most strategic ways to use their solution to achieve those goals. As part of this search, focus on finding vendors with retail expertise by assessing what they are doing in the industry and what they offer on top of the latest technology.

Valtim’s printing technologies and data management

Valtim offers a plethora of printing solutions which will help support your marketing efforts. Some of our services include variable data printing, postcard printing, member card printing, and geo-mapping. We use very advanced printing technologies to allow for speedy printing while allowing the materials to appear pristine.

In addition to Valtim’s printing technologies, we offer extensive data management services. We have a very skilled staff of customer care representatives that can assist with managing all your valuable data, including survey responses, entering member feedback, and compiling confirmation and verification forms. Valtim can assist with all your data entry, marketing personalization, and scaling needs.

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