Making it Personal Makes it Real

Making it personal makes a real impact.

Gaining loyal and supportive members is one of the best goals an organization can achieve. Members are what help an organization thrive. Organizations should do all that they can to attract and acquire members. More than acquiring members, however, retaining members is essential for organizations as it reflects positively off their brand and allows for […]

Making it Personal Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Just thinking about how to make marketing personal for thousands of members can feel overwhelming. It may seem like personalized marketing is a costly and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing public data and working with the right marketing team can lead to making personal marketing projects an uncomplicated experience. People Like […]

Making It Personal Pays Off

Building meaningful relationships with members is essential to the growth of an organization. Members are the backbone of an organization and therefore should be shown that they are greatly valued. From recruiting members to retaining members, organizations should strive to engage individuals in sincere ways. When trying to effectively acquire new members or receive more […]

Valtim Making it Personal Keeps Your Audience Engaged

Have you ever been to a movie and fell asleep or walked out of the theater because the story didn’t grab your attention? Or have you been on a date and the person kept talking about themselves instead of asking about you? Marketing is like watching a movie or going on a date; each activity […]

Making it personal gets your audience’s attention

Individuals are more inclined to support organizations that share their values and actively engage with them. When interacting with current and prospective members, organizations should strive to be appealing in every way, from their marketing campaigns, to their welcome kits, to their future announcements and offers. When an individual decides to support your organization, it […]

Making It Personal Builds Brand Affinity

There are currently 1.5 million non-profit organizations registered in the United States. So, when it comes to marketing to current members or trying to reach new donors, one of the most effective methods is making a personal connection with your targeted audience. People are less likely to stop supporting a non-profit if they feel a […]

What is Brand Affinity and How do You Build It?

Establishing meaningful relationships with members is essential to building a well-respected, successful organization. It is imperative for an organization to show each member that they are important and that their support is valuable. Organizations should also strive to connect with members on a deeper level in order to understand their beliefs and values and to […]

How personalization can help improve the customer experience?

Connecting with your members is important to show how much your organization values their support. Giving your members an individualized, positive experience can help show them that they are not just another number or dollar to your organization. When a member gives their support to an organization, whether it is through regular donations, going to […]

Importance of Segmentation and Hyper-Targeted Messaging

Segmentation and hyper-targeted messaging are essential to all organizations. Without these, messages and information would go to many people who may not share the same interest in the organization’s message. When it comes to advertising and communicating, organizations will benefit more by finding like-minded people who partake on a journey with an organization because of […]