Importance of Segmentation and Hyper-Targeted Messaging

By: Andrew Glover
July 9, 2018

Segmentation and hyper-targeted messaging are essential to all organizations. Without these, messages and information would go to many people who may not share the same interest in the organization’s message. When it comes to advertising and communicating, organizations will benefit more by finding like-minded people who partake on a journey with an organization because of the message they support.

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation is the action of focusing on a specific group of people instead of all people. Most organizations focus on like-minded individuals who will show interest in a shared mission. Segmentation allows an organization to pinpoint donors and members who will share the same goals.

Once you’ve placed existing and future members into segments, you can determine how you want to communicate with that audience. Your organization will be able to decide on how you can reach them and who you are trying to reach by the process of segmentation.

What is Hyper-Targeted Messaging?

Hyper-targeting and segmentation are cohesive. Hyper-targeting focuses on messaging a particular type of person. As an example, let’s say you want to message book readers. But you don’t want to message all book readers; you want to message book readers who like to read how-to books. Hyper-targeting allows an organization to send communications to a specific type of book reader, or a particular donor or member of an organization.

Creating a smaller, targeted audience and sending them relevant messages will drive the type of reaction and action your organization is hoping to receive. Hyper-targeting allows you to create an interaction and a relationship with people who share the same passion.

No matter what your message is, the likelihood of your message resonating with every person is very slim. Hyper-targeted messaging allows organizations to reach out to the right person, with the right message, every time.

Learning about Members

Organizations can hyper-target existing members to learn more about them. You can discover who they really are and why they relate to your organization. Understanding donors allows an organization to maintain connections and lets donors know what they are doing to support their cause. Hyper-targeting also helps organizations get a better idea of why donors are driven to provide support. Organizations can keep members better engaged by connecting with them through hyper-targeting.

Using hyper-targeting for potential new members is helpful too. When you get your message out through marketing tools, you don’t want to send your message to everyone as that can result in a lot of wasted marketing materials. By using hyper-targeting, you can focus on people who have already expressed similar interests.

Focusing on people with similar interests helps avoid marketing waste, and allows you to can get your message across to people who may not have known about your mission yet. Hyper-targeting is a great way to gain new members while also understanding your existing members.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is a more efficient form of advertising compared to advertising to all people. Once you understand the people you are trying to reach, targeted advertising is an accessible path to take. Targeted advertising will allow your marketing campaigns to go further and you will also achieve better results.

Most organizations will use hyper-targeting to choose what type of people they want to reach out to based on their message. Some shared goals include making an impact beyond just writing checks and expressing passion about helping a cause like disadvantaged populations, animals, or the environment. If you find someone with those goals or other goals your organizations have, then choosing a targeted audience is very simple and can lead to building stronger relationships or creating new ones.

Valtim and Hyper-Targeted Messaging

To create a personalized relationship with your donors or members, you need to understand who they are, why they relate to your organization, and what drives them to engage. At the core of this is the concept of segmentation and hyper-personalization. Let Valtim help evaluate your current house files or prospecting database to develop scoring methods to make your member and donor communications more effective.

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