Making It Personal Pays Off

By: Andrew Glover
August 1, 2018

Building meaningful relationships with members is essential to the growth of an organization. Members are the backbone of an organization and therefore should be shown that they are greatly valued. From recruiting members to retaining members, organizations should strive to engage individuals in sincere ways.

When trying to effectively acquire new members or receive more donations via marketing campaigns, organizations should take the time to learn the interests and backgrounds of their current and prospective members. By doing so, organizations can tailor their content per each individual and give each individual a personalized, positive experience.

What is Personalized 1:1 Marketing?

Personalized 1:1 marketing can be described as a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy that promotes more intimate interactions with members. Being more personal with members can help them feel closer or relate better to your organization and can encourage them to further support your causes. Personalized marketing takes into account an individual’s preferences, interests, and of course, personal information.

Let’s say your organization is supporting a charity for veterans and one of your members is a active military. Your organization can more successfully market the charity to this member by sending personalized content in accordance with their background. You may say “Hello John! Thank you for your service!” as a part of your opening statement on the letter. You can create a personalized call-to-action as well by saying something like “Donate now, John, and support your fellow men-at-arms!”

By sending a personalized letter like the example above, this can increase response rates and encourage members to donate to causes, specifically those that appeal to them. Personalized marketing is all about making more significant interactions with individuals rather than generic interactions.

Sending individuals mass-produced emails or letters with the same exact content can make your organization seem careless and make members feel like they aren’t valued. Individuals generally won’t put effort into an organization that puts minimal effort into appealing to them. By utilizing personalized 1:1 marketing campaigns, not only can you create meaningful relationships with each member, you can also experience a number of benefits for your organization such as:

  • Increased member loyalty
  • Organization/Brand growth
  • Increase in donations and ROI
  • Positive organization reputation

By making your interactions personal, you can stay true to your members’ interests and values and foster more membership loyalty. An organization that takes the time to address members by name rather than by “Hello member” and sends personalized content will surely acquire greater response rates and donations. Getting to know your current and prospective members shows each individual that you care about them and appreciate their support which can, in turn, prompt them to tell others about your organization and aid in your organization’s growth.

Let Valtim Handle Your Personalized Marketing Campaign

Personalized and 1:1 marketing may be expensive, but it pays off. In-house marketers who are personalizing their web experiences see an average 19% uplift in sales. Direct mail can see a 40% response rate increase, and email can see as much as a 440% ROI when implemented effectively. Let Valtim help set up your next personalized 1:1 marketing campaign so you can take advantage of the increased ROI.

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