How personalization can help improve the customer experience?

By: Andrew Glover
July 10, 2018

Connecting with your members is important to show how much your organization values their support. Giving your members an individualized, positive experience can help show them that they are not just another number or dollar to your organization. When a member gives their support to an organization, whether it is through regular donations, going to events, and/or following the organization’s social media, they deserve to feel special and know that their individual efforts matter to the organization.

To show your members that they matter and improve your member-organization relationships, you should consider personalization services.

What is Personalization?

Personalization is the act of tailoring services or experiences in an effort to effectively accommodate to an individual’s needs. Simply writing an individualized thank-you note attached with a feedback card to a member can count as personalization, as you are customizing that member’s experience. Personalization is all about meeting the member’s needs in an efficient and effective manner to increase their satisfaction with your organization as well as their support.

Organizations can use personalization to successfully reach out to current and potential members. In personalized marketing, for example, organizations can use the information they know about an individual to create individualized messages and mail for them.

Personalization provides many benefits to an organization and its members. A few of those benefits are listed below:

Return on Investment (ROI)

By sending personalized mail to members according to their preferences, you are more likely to receive a response from the member as well as a donation. Members are more inclined to respond to messages and content specifically tailored to their interests rather than a generic mail piece. Even by referring to the member’s name in your content, you can increase your response rates and the amount of donations your organization receives.

The time and money spent on crafting your membership campaigns will not go in vain and is more likely to change into increased support with the use of personalization.

Improved Member Relationships

The use of personalization in your membership campaigns can ultimately lead to stronger member-organization relationships. Simply saying things like “Hello, John!” or “Thank you, Sally” in your mail pieces can show a member that you care about them as an individual. They will be more likely to respond to your organization.

If a member has shown interest in supporting breast cancer events, for example, sending a catalog regarding breast cancer awareness will show that you care about that member’s interests. That kind of special attention will cause a member to think positively about your organization.

Increased Organization Support/New Members

In connection with improved member relationships, you may also see an increase in support for your organization by using personalization methods. Asking for a member’s feedback on specific topics, addressing them by name, and sending personalized mail are just some of the ways you can increase member support. A member will feel more inclined to do all they can for an organization that goes above and beyond to show they are appreciated. Additionally, creating a positive, personalized first-impression for a prospective member will more than likely turn that individual into a new member.

Use Valtim for Your Personalization Needs

Personalization engages and resonates with your donors or members, while also showing them that they are valued on an individual level.

There are many ways for an organization to create personalized customer experience campaigns. Let Valtim help by working with you and your data to create a communication strategy that improves your supporters experience with your brand.

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