Making it Personal Doesn’t Have to be Hard

By: Andrew Glover
August 3, 2018

Just thinking about how to make marketing personal for thousands of members can feel overwhelming. It may seem like personalized marketing is a costly and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing public data and working with the right marketing team can lead to making personal marketing projects an uncomplicated experience.

People Like Personalized Marketing

Giving people something that they want can be complicated at times, but is easily done with a the right plan and tools. This is why personal marketing is highly desired right now. People feel more understood when an organization reaches out with existing awareness of each person’s likes and dislikes. People want to feel understood on a human level so that they can decide to support an organization or not.

Eighty-five percent of consumers have said personalized content on a webpage has encouraged their decision to support organizations. The numbers speak for themselves, but imagine how many positive interactions you can experience by personalizing marketing for your new and current members.

Don’t Cross the Line

There is a fine line between appearing personable and friendly or coming off as creepy and weird. People want marketing to be personal but within reason. A lot of corporations invest large amounts of their budget towards gathering consumer data. But sometimes the data is too extensive and not something you would want to utilize when communicating with donors.

Simple search trends within your current members can help you build rapport with them and can help understand how to seek new donors. Looking at similar interests can help make marketing personal and allow your organization to branch out when looking for new members. This personal experience can be created by looking through the information you already have on members or other publicly accessible information. You don’t have to launch expensive and extensive consumer reports to get to know your members better.

For instance, if you are looking to target a specific group for a marketing message, like families, you can look to see how many members shared with the organization that they are married with children. Then, you can send a communication to everyone matching that search. But the fine line is crossed when you go into too much detail about their family like how many kids they have or what their names are. That information isn’t needed and may lead the members to feel like their data isn’t being kept safe.

An Easy Way to Gather Information

Organizations can send surveys to their members and donors periodically to ask questions about why they joined the organization or why they continue to support the same goal. Surveys keep members engaged while also allowing them to choose what they share with the organization. Using the information that they shared openly is a much more trusting way of communicating with them instead of digging through data that you found through a third party.

Asking targeted questions and allowing members to choose to answer or not allows them to feel that their data is safe. As much as people want personalized marketing, they also feel worried when information they haven’t shared with a specific organization is somehow within that organization’s knowledge. Allow your members to share what they want and keep the rest private.

Surveys are an easy way to learn more about your members, which can help with personal marketing. Surveys can be sent as frequently or infrequently as your organization thinks is appropriate. After each survey, you will have a new batch of information to focus on and build your marketing strategy. Having specifically targeted information helps to make personal marketing choices easy and straightforward.

With all the options available now, personal marketing doesn’t need to be an expensive and lengthy endeavor. Personal marketing is a realistic goal that every organization should strive for when building relationships with members and donors.

Valtim Makes Personal Marketing Simple

Huge corporations with massive marketing budgets can spend millions on consumer research, artificial intelligence, and the latest technological tools to gather consumer information. However, providing a personal experience for your members and donors doesn’t have to be difficult. Starting with a simple house or prospecting lists, Valtim has helped customers use publicly available information to create unique 1:1 messages that stand out and help cultivate a better supporter experience. Give us a call to see how we can help improve your communication strategies.

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