Use Direct Mail to Send the Right Message During COVID-19

Timing is everything, especially as we all grapple with the personal and economics impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We are watching the world drastically change around us and it’s hard to know what to do. Non-profits must continue communicating with members regardless of the pandemic around us. Direct mail remains one of the most […]

5 Attention-Grabbing Demographics for Personalized Direct Mail

Personalizing your direct mail for your target audience improves your response rates because most people don’t value plain, boring marketing campaigns. People crave mailers that relate to them personally. Your organization will benefit significantly by using variable data printing to customize and personalize your campaigns. You can create attention-grabbing direct mailers that appeal to your […]

How to Stay Green in a Direct Mail Campaign

There is a growing awareness of environmental issues. Direct mail marketing has had a bad reputation for a long time because many see it as an environmentally-unfriendly marketing technique. A growing number of organizations have expressed interest in going green, but that’s not something that needs to exclude traditional mail marketing. Your organization can be […]

Benefits of Printing-on-Demand

Print-on-demand and small-batch printing are great for many different marketing purposes. There’s a lot of flexibility with small-batch printing compared to printing in bulk. Printing in smaller quantities allows you to maintain less inventory, avoid creating more waste, provide more customized materials, and save your organization money during a marketing campaign. Geo-mapping allows you to […]

2018 Marketing Report Reveals Direct Mail Response

2018 Marketing Report Reveals Direct Mail Response

The Data and Marketing Association shared the direct mail marketing response rates for 2018, and the results are phenomenal. The direct mail response rates have continued to grow year after year. Many non-profits struggle with the decision of choosing what marketing platform would be best to reach their members. There are a lot of options […]

3 Examples of Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable data printing is a form of digital printing that allows customization while completing a large project. Text and images can be changed throughout the printing process without slowing down the finished project. VDP allows you to customize materials with members’ names and addresses while reaching a completed project quickly. Images and graphics can be […]

Technology Makes Direct Mail Faster: Mail Automation

When operating your marketing campaign, you want to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Sending various content to current members as well as new/prospective members leaves room for disorganization and even error during your campaign. Between sending welcome letters, to thank-you notes, to postcard and announcements, confusion and disorganization is a likely scenario to […]

Technology Direct Mail Better: Specialty Inks

Nothing grabs the interest of prospective donors better than unique direct mail campaigns. When crafting your marketing campaigns, it is important to be as creative as possible in order to successfully appeal to targeted individuals. You can send letters with personalized content to individuals and/or get creative with images and graphics. In addition to getting […]

Valtim Technology Changing Direct Mail: Using specialty print mediums

Whether you are new to direct mail or not, you may feel like your printing options are limited. But realistically, there are so many printing options to choose from which allow any project to truly stand out in people’s mail boxes. Projects don’t need to be boring and plain. Printing direct mail can be more […]

Next Thing in Direct Mail: Invisible 2D Barcodes

Digital marketing is very popular for a variety of reasons ranging from cost, trackabilty, and ease; however despite its growing popularity direct mail remains more effective. One reason is that direct mail takes on a more personal approach. The personal approach allows marketing campaigns to be more successful when compared to non-personal digital marketing tactics. […]