5 Attention-Grabbing Demographics for Personalized Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
January 6, 2020

Personalizing your direct mail for your target audience improves your response rates because most people don’t value plain, boring marketing campaigns. People crave mailers that relate to them personally. Your organization will benefit significantly by using variable data printing to customize and personalize your campaigns. You can create attention-grabbing direct mailers that appeal to your exact target audience, which helps improve your response rates.

Your organization has many demographics that will benefit your next campaign. Here are a couple of attention-grabbing demographics to choose from for your next project.


Everyone likes to feel appreciated on their birthdays! Birthday information is readily available in your prospect and member data. Use birthday information to stay connected with members every year around on their birthdays. It shows that you didn’t forget them and that you wish them another great year. Send prospects and members a special offer for their birthday. This shows them you care and can increase the chance they will visit your organization.


Anniversary details is another piece of information your organization should have that you can use for targeted marketing. Sending members a special offer during their anniversary with your organization shows that you are thinking of them. Reminding members that you value the history of their patronage and support shows that you care for them and appreciate everything they do for your non-profit. Treating your members like family allows your organization to maintain a strong membership base.

Life Stage

There are many milestones people reach in their lives, including marriage, homeownership, and parenthood. During these stages, many start browsing products they never bought before. Sending them coupons and special offers for services they might need during a new life stage is a great way to establish a connection.

Newlyweds, for example, are just starting their lives together. If one person is already a member within your non-profit, then your membership will grow with their marriage. Introducing your mission to the new spouse will help build your relationship with the newly married couple.

Homeownership is also a significant step. A person is putting down roots and guaranteeing you know how to contact them through the mail for many years. Congratulate your members when they become homeowners.

You may even want to congratulate members who become new parents. Share in the excitement with your members. Just like marriage, a new child introduces the possibility of a future member. A strong connection with your members allows your organization to have bonds with an entire household instead of just a single person.


Unlike life stages, your organization probably already has age demographic information readily available. Different ages desire different types of mail and organization activities.

18 to 36

Your younger prospects and members may be more likely to participate in volunteer activities. Using variable data printing, you can target based on age demographics and spread the word about an upcoming volunteer event. Include the age range in your mailer. This information may help the receiver know that the event will mainly include their peers. Younger adults love to get involved, especially when they know there are others they can relate to within the same age group.

65 and Up

Older prospects and members are usually more likely to send donation checks or enjoy a more low-key member event like a nice dinner. Your organization benefits from using variable data printing by reaching your older audience with a different message that what you offer the younger crowd. Your older audience will appreciate updates on volunteer events and what goals the organization reached, so you can still keep them informed while providing them different activities.

Political or Social Interests

Segmenting groups based on political or social interests is a great way to share in commons interests or preferences. You can share news with prospects and members with similar hopes and goals. Connecting with your members who express the same interests helps extend your outreach and message to likeminded individuals. Variable data printing allows you to segment your audience based on many demographics, including a person’s political and social interests.

Attention-Grabbing Demographics with Valtim

Valtim helps our clients use attention-grabbing demographics while using variable data printing technology. Focusing your attention on key demographics ensures your message is appreciated every time. The more valued your message is, the better your response rates are for your marketing campaign. Let Valtim help your organization focus on demographics that will grow your response rates.

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