Benefits of Printing-on-Demand

By: Andrew Glover
May 24, 2019

Print-on-demand and small-batch printing are great for many different marketing purposes. There’s a lot of flexibility with small-batch printing compared to printing in bulk. Printing in smaller quantities allows you to maintain less inventory, avoid creating more waste, provide more customized materials, and save your organization money during a marketing campaign.

Geo-mapping allows you to find your ideal audience based on regional searching techniques. Combining small-batch printing and geo-mapping is an excellent option for your next marketing project. Your non-profit can choose to personalize smaller quantities of materials for each mail group. The small batch printing will help you save on costs and avoid stocking up on un-needed bulk amounts of outdated marketing content.

What is Print-on-Demand?

Print-on-demand is a digital printing technology in which materials can be printed on an as-needed basis. Instead of printing content in large quantities, print-on-demand allows organizations to print as the need strikes. The option of small-batch printing has a lot of positive attributes, including the benefits listed below.

Benefits of Printing-on-Demand

There’s Less Inventory

Many organizations need storage space to keep their marketing materials. But if you choose to try printing-on-demand, there is very minimal stock involved. Printing-on-demand allows the flexibility to only print what you need at the time. Your organization won’t need to maintain a designated area to store marketing materials. The lack of inventory can help avoid stockpiling outdated marketing materials that may go unused.

It’s An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Your organization will become more eco-friendly by choosing to print-on-demand. Since you won’t be storing outdated marketing materials, you won’t need to get rid of un-needed marketing item. Keeping a minimal amount of supplies will help your non-profit avoid future waste from un-used materials. Only printing and using materials you need at the time is a very eco-friendly alternative compared to stocking up on massive quantities of printed marketing content. This can also extend to reduced shipping costs associated with working with multiple vendors.

You Can Customize Small Amounts

When you are only printing what you need in small-batches, your marketing team can make changes to the text as needed and on-demand. By printing in smaller amounts, you don’t need to worry about wasting older, stored materials. Each time you are prepared to send materials to a new group of people, you can add focused, customized text to ensure your marketing outreach is well received. Creating small-batches of customized materials can provide a better, more successful outcome to your marketing campaign.

You will Save on Costs

Printing-on-demand allows you to avoid unnecessary up-front printing costs. If you are doubtful or unsure of your marketing approach, you can choose to opt for print-on-demand instead of printing in large quantities. Then, depending on the need, you can choose to either print in bulk, if you want to stay with the same marketing content for a while, or you can decide to continue printing on-demand with changes here and there.

What is Geo-Mapping?

Geo-mapping is a particular method of targeting your ideal marketing audience. Geo-mapping can help pinpoint your ideal audience based on their geographical relation. Geo-mapping can help support your decision making based on potential traffic flow or concentration of activity.

Benefits of Small-Batch Printing with Geo-Mapping

Geo-mapping allows marketers to analyze data by geographic region or physical location. Small-batch printing is the best route to take when you choose to target the ideal member by using geo-mapping technology. Choosing a smaller, print-on-demand option will allow your non-profit to customize the marketing texts and images for the specific targeted area.

Then, if you are marketing to multiple regions based on geo-mapping mail lists, each material choice can be tailored and printed in the needed quantity. Small-batch printing with geo-mapping allows your organization to avoid waste and to provide more personalized, focused content to each group of people.

Valtim and Print-on-Demand with Geo-Mapping

Valtim can help you create a mail list to target your potential customers with geo-mapping technology. When you choose geo-mapping to help create your mail list, you can see your targeted audience based on their geographical relation to a local business, emergency room, doctor’s office, and more.

Once your ideal members are selected through geo-mapping, Valtim can help you print materials on-demand. Let Valtim help with creating your mail list and print the materials you need in small-batches with print-on-demand options.

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