Use Direct Mail to Send the Right Message During COVID-19

By: Andrew Glover
April 9, 2020

Timing is everything, especially as we all grapple with the personal and economics impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We are watching the world drastically change around us and it’s hard to know what to do. Non-profits must continue communicating with members regardless of the pandemic around us. Direct mail remains one of the most effective ways to stay in touch, communicate, and fundraise even in a time of uncertainty.

Organizations that forge ahead during a crisis typically are more successful in the long run compared to organization that paused, stopped, or majorly altered communications during a crisis. A very large percentage of people are at home for the foreseeable future. More than ever, direct mail should be utilized as a primary fundraising and communication stream.

Sending the Right Message

We are experiencing a global crisis. Your communication should reflect this fact, otherwise, your message will seem out of touch and irrelevant at best or insulting at worst.

Your messaging should always be authentic, timely, and relevant to your members. That means you can’t ignore what is going in the world. That would be a missed opportunity in demonstrating how your organization provides real-world solutions in a time of need.

But how do you send the right message? You can use a lift note and modify your message to weave in the reality of the world. You can include how it is impacting your supporters and more importantly the mission of your non-profit. You should craft a message that imparts confidence and hope among your prospects and members.

Non-Profits Are Essential

Many non-profits are considered essential services during the coronavirus pandemic. Your organization can use direct mail to deliver messages to members and continue asking for support, especially if you offer critical services.

Your overall donations and direct mail response rates may decline, but the need for you to stay connected with your donors and provide communication about your organization only increases in this economic uncertainty. At a minimum, you want to maintain your current, ongoing relationship with your members so that when the crisis is over you are still connected.

Providing a Strong Message

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, it’s essential you focus on sending a strong message regarding how you are protecting your members and your staff. You can also emphasize how you are serving your communities right now.

Advocate for Your Mission

It’s critical you don’t appear panicked during the coronavirus scare. When people see your organization going about business as usual while adjusting appropriately for the moment, they find hope and relief. That comfort leads current and potential and current members to gravitate toward you instead of running away to another non-profit.

Let people know your organizational needs are increasing and not decreasing. Articulate your needs and the lives you impact in a clear way so donors can relate. Show your members how they can serve your mission and the people in need right now.

Share Deep Gratitude

Demonstrate a sense of real gratitude to your advocates and supporters. Thank your members profusely for their support, donations, and volunteering. Let them know that they are the only reason your organization even exists and can help during the coronavirus crisis. Don’t make light of the situation and don’t use this time to promote COVID-19 specials. There’s nothing funny from any angle so remain sensitive. Focus on showing gratitude to your membership base and appreciate every interaction.

Promote Community

Your organization needs to be valuable to a broader community during this time. Look beyond your core mission and help others right now. Be a benefit to the broader community is a selfless way. Be tireless in your willingness to service and provide solutions. By following all these actions, you will build a stronger organization while leaving a lasting memory for many others.

Delivering Direct Mail with Valtim During COVID-19 Crisis

We are all in this together! Valtim is here to help your organization deliver direct mail to your prospects and members during this extraordinary time. Your need for donations and volunteers may be greater than usual right now because your mission may strive to help others and your community. Our services enable you to create the right messages and send content to the right people.

Contact Valtim to get started on your coronavirus messaging campaign.

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