How to Use Geo-Mapping for Direct Mail Campaigns

By: Andrew Glover
December 23, 2019
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Geo-mapping is a dynamic way to incorporate personal location-based information into your direct mail pieces. This marketing method uses variable data to match your member’s address with nearby points of interest. You can include these details in your mailer and provide a complete map with directions from their home to your location, or highlight other geographic points of interest related to your mission.

Direct mail with geo-mapping allows you to create customized maps based on your prospects’ or members’ mailing address and the location of your organization or event. Personalized direct mail pieces with an added personalized map can help increase your visits and event attendance.

What is Geo-Mapping?

Geo-mapping lets you take raw data and turn it into a geo map. You can visualize location data and immediately understand information that would typically take hours to sift through and interpret. Organizations can use geo-mapping to target their audience for a direct mail campaign, but they can also use geo-mapping to show their member’s what’s available around their area.

Geo-marketing is not a short-term marketing strategy. It isn’t a campaign by itself either. Instead, it’s a tool you can use to determine strategy and create campaigns. Geo-marketing is a method of handling data that creates powerful and actionable insights into the market environment.

What Data is Used for Geo-Mapping?

Geo-mapping technology uses location-based information. The location data helps create maps, which you can provide to members in your direct mail. The data includes your member’s location based on their address. Your maps can then show your member’s points of interest in their city or zip code.

You can utilize the location-based data to help pinpoint your target audience, as well. You can use geo-mapping to precisely target your neighborhood mailings by radius in miles, next door, down the street, or a specific set of coordinates. Targeting your audience based on their location ensures you are focusing your attention around prospects and members who share a similar geographical area. Growing your membership base near your physical locations builds a strong sense of community.

Show Your Members What’s Around Them

Don’t limit your mailings to bulky zip codes, obsolete census data, or carrier routes. Using pinpointed geo-mapping allows you to deliver one-to-one marketing, which helps lift your response rates and provide you with a competitive edge.

You can include a custom map based on geographic data. The map can include directions to your organization, local points of interest, or similar geo-data driven graphics. You can even give members additional geo-data such as the number of miles, average drive time, or nearby attractions. Geo-mapping is more about showing your patrons what’s around them. The more information you provide, the more likely your recipients are to engage in activities with your organization and fellow members.

How Does Geo-Mapping Work?

Geo-mapping, or geo-marketing, uses location knowledge to frame marketing efforts. It uses digital mapping to organize and display data for review and decision-making. The digital map allows you to analyze the data by geographic regions, like a suburban area bordering a city. Or you can focus on a specific physical location, such as one particular store. Digital technology will continue to help this marketing approach continue to increase in power and capability.

By using geo-mapping data, you make it easier for your potential and existing members to find your location. This proves incredibly useful in increasing traffic and boosting your brand awareness on a local level. Geo-mapping allows you to include accurate directions and contact information for your closest location instead of providing multiple addresses and confusing instructions. The highly targeted information is relevant to your potential members and enhances the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

Using location-based marketing is excellent for a grand opening and special events. It also works incredibly well for temporary locations, since your potential members may be less familiar with their site. Other great candidates include concerts, conventions, community events, and expos. Using easy to use maps helps your members find any desired location effortlessly.

Valtim and Geo-Mapping

Valtim can help you use your mail list to target potential members with geo-mapping. We can assist you in building a direct mail campaign using a geo-mapping technique. We can also use geo-mapping to provide your members with helpful maps in your mailers. Both methods work in conjunction with each other and help to target the right audience and give the recipient’s necessary details for your locations and events.

Reach out to Valtim to get started with using geo-mapping to enhance your direct mail marketing.

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