How to use pURLs in Direct Mail Campaigns

By: Andrew Glover
August 29, 2019
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Using pURLs dramatically enhances the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. Knowing how to use pURLs effectively is an essential skill for marketers because they create a powerful multi-channel marketing opportunity. Integrating pURLs is a great way to increase response rates and member participation. People prefer to respond online after receiving a direct mail offer. A pURL provides the easiest way for your members to do so.

According to DirectMarketingIQ (a Philadelphia based research agency), using data supplied from the DMA, you can expect your response rate to increase by 50 and 100 percent. You will notice a longer engagement window as well. Website visitors who use a pURL tend to stay engaged longer and have higher conversion rates.

Let’s look at what a pURL is and how to use pURLs in your next direct mail marketing campaign.

What is a pURL?

A pURL is a “Personalized Uniform Resource Location.” A pURL is a unique, personalized URL that serves as the foundation of a variety of marketing campaigns that use direct mail, email, and mobile channels. pURLs help connect your offline and online channels, which establishes a powerfully integrated marketing solution. You will notice better marketing success when you combine your offline and online channels.

How do pURLs work?

pURLs send recipients to a personalized landing page or microsite with customized content. The personalized content contains more information about an offer and usually includes a form or a call to action. Once your members go to the pURL, your organization can very easily track the results and the details of the campaign response. You can track the actions on a one to one basis.

You can make pURL campaigns as straightforward or as complex as you desire. PURL campaigns can be as simple as generating thousands of unique links and directing them to a single, static landing page. A more complex campaign can sync the pURLs to your member database or mailing file to display additional personalized content and pre-filled forms. PURLs are very useful for capturing your audience’s attention and having the audience engage with your message.

Most pURL formats look like one of the following: http://Valtim.com/JohnDoe or http://JohnDoe.valtim.com. Once you generate a pURL, you can incorporate the pURL into a variety of marketing campaigns. Some possible marketing campaigns include direct mail, print campaigns, social media, and direct outreach campaigns.

You can embed the pURL into a QR code to make a more personalized QR code that works with your members’ mobile devices. The personalized QR code can link members to a targeted landing page to help convert them into paying donors or members.

Using pURLs in Direct Mail

Using pURLs in a direct mail campaign give your members an easy way to go online to learn more about your organization, your mission, and your offer. These handy links are a great way to add personalization, track your member’s behavior, and connect with your membership through your online channel.

Typically, your organization would not have a way to track if a person received your direct mail item. But when you use a pURL, you can follow when people receive your mail and can analyze details that were not available previously. You will see who has and hasn’t visited the webpage and when each person responds. You can even receive email alerts when a member visits a pURL landing page or when they complete a form. You can export this data to assist with future leads and creating new targeted campaigns.

Integrating pURLs with Valtim in Your Next Campaign

You can easily set up a campaign for your organization with a marketing automation platform. Valtim Marketing Solution’s platform has used thousands of pURLs in direct mail campaigns over the years. Valtim has seen just about every scenario that exists and can assist your organization with integrating pURLs into your direct mail projects.

Your organization will find numerous benefits after you integrate pURLs into your next direct mail marketing campaign. Valtim can assist you in achieving higher response rates and increased engagement among your members. You will provide a more personalized experience for your target audience while obtaining better data analytics. Work with Valtim on your next direct mail campaign to integrate pURLs and landing pages for as low as 3 cents per record.

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