What is a pURL?

A pURL is a “Personalized Uniform Resource Locator”, or more simply put a website link that incorporates unique personal details and directs users to personalized content on the digital web. Often a pURL has the following format http://Valtim.com/JohnDoe or http://JohnDoe.valtim.com (CLICK THE LINK TO TRY IT OUT). Once generated these pURL’s can be incorporated in a variety of marketing campaigns, ranging from direct mail and print campaigns to social media and direct outreach campaigns. Furthermore a pURL can also be embedded in QR codes to make a personalized QR code that works with your customers mobile devices, linking them to a targeted landing page to help convert them into paying customers or members.

pURL campaigns can be as simple as generating thousands of unique links and simply directing them to a single static landing page. Alternatively, a more complex campaign can sync the pURL’s to your customer database or mailing file to dynamically display additional personalized content and pre-filled forms. pURL’s are especially useful for capturing your target’s attention and getting them to engage with your message.

Depending on the pURL campaign, reports can be generated showing which users visited which landing pages, and how they engaged with that digital content. This data can then be used to either craft a follow-up marketing campaign, or trigger internal processes for your organization to follow up with manually.

  • pURL's Increase Responce Rate Between 50 - 100%

    According to DirectMarketingIQ (a Philadelphia based research agency), using data supplied from the DMA, you can expect pURL’s to increase you responce rate by as much as 50% – 100%!

  • Longer Engagement Window

    Website visitors who use a PURL tend to stay engaged longer and have higher conversion rates.

  • Consumers Prefer to Respond Online

    Statistics from the Direct Marketing Association (DMS) show that 42 percent of people who respond to a direct mail offer would rather respond online. A pURL provides the easiest way for your customers to do so!

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