5 Considerations for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is a fantastic way to win more members and encourage existing members to continue supporting your mission. It is crucial to consider your design and what your message says when preparing your mail piece. A successfully administered direct mail campaign can boost your brand awareness and spread your mission. Unlike other forms of marketing, sending direct mail to a physical address ensures that your message and branding reach your target audience’s hands.

How to Define Direct Mail Target Market

Your organization must first identify your typical member and tailor your marketing to build a solid foundation. Targeting a specific market doesn’t mean you are excluding people who don’t fit your criteria. Target marketing empowers you to direct your marketing budget and brand message on a pinpointed market that is more likely to interact with you than other markets. A direct mail target market effort is an affordable, efficient, and effective way to reach prospects and grow your membership.

How to Use Direct Mail with an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Direct mail is primarily an outbound marketing strategy, but you can and should use it in conjunction with your inbound marketing. The main objective of direct mail is leading prospects back online so you can continue nurturing them there. Every piece of mail you send should direct prospects online so that you can more easily track them throughout the process. You can include a link to a landing page or provide a code they enter on your website. The more information you have about what sorts of offers they answer to, the better you can address their pain points and distinct needs.

Benefits of Direct Mail Call Center Data Tracking

Direct mail is only effective if you track your results. One of the best ways to track your direct mail is by using call tracking. It’s crucial to track your direct mail using as many methods as possible because you need to determine your campaign’s effectiveness. Call tracking, or data tracking, is a service you utilize that provides unique phone numbers for your mail pieces.

4 Ways to Keep Your Direct Mail Out of the Trash

One of the most significant challenges organizations face is getting someone’s attention with direct mail marketing. Your main obstacle is making your piece stand out in the middle of a mail stack when a person removes it from the box. Direct mail usually winds up in the trash because mailpieces are too often seen as relevant to the receiver; they fail to draw attention or are unconvincing.

5 Ways to Track Direct Mail Response Rates

The best way to measure your organization’s direct mail success is to have a clearly defined end goal. Are you trying to increase brand awareness or drive website traffic? Or maybe your goal is reaching new audiences. Whatever your marketing goal is, measurable metrics will help you determine the success of your campaign.

Designing Direct Mail for an Increasing Work-From-Home Crowd

Telecommuting, or working remotely, isn’t a passing trend in the workforce. It’s a very real and prevalent way that many people are working their current job. Telework can improve employee productivity, creativity, and morale. Many workers are benefiting from working from home, and it’s a good idea for your organization to reach out to them through direct mail and digital communication options. Remote workers crave flexibility, and showing your organization is flexible with its outreach will entice teleworkers into joining your mission over other options. 

Direct Mail Marketing Beginner’s Guide, Part 8: Refining Your Message

There comes a time when your direct mail campaign needs to change its messaging. When we hear the same chord repeatedly played eventually, it starts sounding a little stale. The same goes for messaging. When your organization relies on one limited collection of messages, your members become tone-deaf toward what you are trying to say. […]

Use Interactive Postcards for High-Interest Direct Mail

Interactive postcards include specific elements that the receiver can interact with on the card. They provide instant communication with your prospects and members while incorporating a level of interest that is hard to match with other forms of marketing. Thanks to the interactivity aspect, a prospect or member may be more likely to respond to […]

How to Keep Direct Mail Postage Costs Low

With its incredibly high return on investment, direct mail marketing should be a key part of you marketing strategy. But you’ll want to make sure you plan for all of the costs associated with direct mail, including the cost of postage. Direct mail costs are often a game of volume, so cutting some of the […]