Benefits of Direct Mail Call Center Data Tracking

By: Andrew Glover
August 19, 2020

Direct mail is only effective if you track your results. One of the best ways to track your direct mail is by using call tracking. It’s crucial to track your direct mail using as many methods as possible because you need to determine your campaign’s effectiveness. Call tracking, or data tracking, is a service you utilize that provides unique phone numbers for your mail pieces.

Accurately Measure Success

Call tracking makes measuring your direct mail easier, and it offers a host of other advantages that will improve your organization. Any time a prospect calls your tracking number, it forwards seamlessly to your organization’s phone number. The data tracking software then records the number of calls you receive to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Some organizations that use direct mail primarily track campaign success by counting coupons or comparing data to periods with no active campaign. Neither of these methods gives a complete picture of the campaign’s success. But call tracking gives you the clarity that other options can’t provide.

Save Time and Money

You want to make sure everything you do has a positive outcome and helps strengthen your organization. You can save both time and money by using a direct mail call tracking system. Implementing a call tracking system enables you to understand your donation cycle better and help you identify pain points in your members’ experiences. Tracking essentially acts as an additional resource to help you manage customer service while protecting your brand loyalty.

Build Member Loyalty

Using data tracking will help you identify the areas where your marketing efforts are the most effective. You can service your members better with this level of understanding. In doing so, you will likely convert prospects into brand loyalists. Direct mail is the best way to get your marketing in front of the right target audience, and tracking these efforts is the first step in building strong relationships with your members.

Customer Service Monitoring

Call tracking helps you measure the success of your direct mail campaigns, and it also makes it easier to monitor your workers. Most direct mail call centers include access to your call recordings, so you can monitor the workers to see how they are performing on phone calls. If you notice any problems or issues popping up repeatedly, you can isolate and fix them quickly. When workers know you are monitoring their calls, it’s easier to hold them accountable because they know you will hear how they are treating prospects and members.

Pinpoint Your Most Effective Mail Pieces

Data tracking makes it easier to determine which of your mail pieces are getting the best response. When you use call tracking, you can place a unique tracking number on each piece in your direct mail campaign. The tracking number helps you determine which piece prospects are responding to and which pieces have the best contributions rates. Just remember that the more lines you add, the more expensive your tracking becomes.

You can use call tracking to increase conversions by following these steps:

  • Determine where the calls are coming from and the quality of the calls.
  • Analyze the results and look for the reasons behind the results.
  • Consider and implement solutions, then repeat the process.

Measure the Longevity of Your Mail

It’s easy to assume that you need to place a strict time limit on when a campaign ends. However, many prospects place donations long after they receive your mail pieces. Call tracking can help you analyze the results of your campaign beyond when your last mailer hit homes.

Valtim’s Direct Mail Call Center

There are several benefits to incorporating a direct mail call center into your marketing campaigns. Valtim has a full-service contact center that can assist your organization with phone, text, email, chat support, and social media. The information you gain from the call and data tracking help you accurately measure your direct mail’s success so you can continue implementing successful campaigns. Gathering data is only the first step in getting better results from your direct mail.

Contact Valtim today to learn more about our direct mail call center options.

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