What’s the Best Day of the Week for Direct Mail?

By: Andrew Glover
October 31, 2019

Your organization takes many steps to ensure your message returns excellent response rates. You want your mailer to stand out among the other mailers, and usually, that requires making sure your mailer isn’t competing with too many others on the same day. Most individuals are not thrilled when they receive mail on a Monday or during the weekend. Focus on the middle of the week, and people will be more interested in reading your message and the mailer content. Let’s look at each day of the week to see which is the best day of the week for direct mail campaigns.

Potential Impact of Each Day on Direct Mail

Monday is the day when most households receive the bulk of their mail. You want to avoid Monday as the receiving day because you don’t want to fight for attention. Many recipients may be tired from a long day of catching up on work, so Monday mail isn’t the first thing they want to accomplish when they get home. You have plenty of other days to choose from, which will help your mailer stand out better and not come off as a pest after a long day at work.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the most optimum days for your prospects and members to receive your mail. These days are less competitive than Monday. A nicely designed letter is received well during these three days. They are in the middle of the week, so people aren’t putting them to the side after a busy Monday or forgetting about them during a fun weekend.

Friday and Saturday are best to avoid because most people are in weekend mode. People are away from home more these days. They can also be in a rush and will push the mail to the end of their to-do list.

Sunday is the worst day for mail. You’re less likely to get mail delivered on Sunday, as most mail services don’t operate on this day. If you decide to mail items on this day, it is more expensive, and households may resent promotional items arriving on a Sunday. Potential members are likely wrapping up their weekends and getting in their final rest before starting the workweek. The last thing on their minds is sifting through and reading their mailers.

Avoid Bank Holidays

You should avoid sending mail on bank holidays. Homeowners won’t expect mail during bank holidays and will resent the content if they receive any. You can verify if bank holidays are factored in with the mailing date. If a bank holiday falls on a Tuesday, then the receiving date may move to Wednesday. Check the dates before agreeing on mailing your final product.

Date Sent and Date Received

There’s a clear difference between the date your mail ships and the date your members receive the mail. You need to plan your campaign to arrive on the perfect date and agree with the service provider on the lead-time for mail to arrive. Agreeing on the date and making it a contractual agreement is vital. You don’t want to leave the receive date up to chance.

Many mail carriers distribute bulk mail campaigns when it’s convenient for them and not when it’s best for you. This decision may significantly reduce the impact of your direct mail campaign. It’s best to always agree on the dates for when your mail is delivered.

It’s Not Just About the Day of the Week

The delivery date is an essential aspect of a direct mail campaign, but it isn’t the only important factor to consider. No matter what, you want your mailer to stand out. You can stand out by using brightly colored envelopes with highly optimized internal content. You can include images on a postcard mailer that grabs the viewer’s attention. Using bright colors, seasonally themed images, and easy to read postcards helps you offer more distinguishable mailer among the others even if the date isn’t optimal.

Timing Your Direct Mail with Valtim

Valtim is a service provider that assists organizations with choosing the best mail date. We offer great deals through mailing carriers and can help optimize your direct mail by selecting the right delivery date. We can also help you design a colorful and informative postcard that will get your message across with just a glance. Valtim strives to help clients succeed during their direct mail campaigns.

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