How to Make a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Catalog

By: Andrew Glover
February 14, 2020
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Catalogs are an excellent tool for direct mail marketing campaigns. Organizations use catalogs to comprehensively highlight their products and services. In the digital age, a catalog provides an effective way for an organization to present information to their members when they are away from their computer or phone. Catalogs offer a convenient format for you to show your branded information in a visually enticing way. They also have a longer life span than most other forms of print marketing. A prospect or member will keep a well-designed catalog and continue to browse and refer to it over time.

5 Tips for a Successful Catalog Campaign

Catalogs are a very popular promotional tool, with plenty of variation in how design and format. If used correctly, your organization will see a high ROI and encourage membership engagement at the same time. Here are five tips you can follow to create a successful catalog campaign.

1. Design for Your Target Audience

Design your catalog for your target audience. Create a catalog that your members will find informative and enjoyable to read. You can create buyer interest with eye-catching and well branded graphic design. Present your products and services as useful, valuable, and popular. Your member interaction will be more significant when you provide highly relevant content for your members’ needs and aspirations.

2. Highlight Your Most Popular Sellers

It’s beneficial to strategically design your catalog to feature the products your target audience is most likely to buy. Determine what products are a popular purchase already. Then, use the most popular products to feature on the cover, first page, and back cover. Focus on providing the perfect layout and using the right image size. As well, make sure to prominently deliver the feature lists and pricing.

3. Make for Special Interest

Focus more attention on certain items. Pick one or two specific products or special offers and use your layout to create special interest around the items. You can emphasize the specials with additional graphics and layout elements. Provide further details and highlight the pricing. Make special offers easy to learn about and encourage the reader to buy them.

4. Market Your Catalog

There are many ways to distribute your catalog. First, mail out catalogs to your existing subscribers and members. Include special offers and coupons to help encourage purchases within a specific time frame. After mailing catalogs to your current membership base, focus on marketing the catalog online. Email a PDF of your catalog in your email marketing campaign, offer catalogs at your physical locations, and feature the catalog on your website. You should also feature your catalog on social media. The more available your catalog is, the more sales you’ll receive.

5. Review the Performance of Your Catalog

Analyze the performance and ROI of your catalog. Gain insight from your audience. Using this information to fine-tune your next catalog can help you garner better results each time. Online catalog distribution broadens your reach without a high additional cost. See how your catalog performs both online and offline.

High-Tech Catalog Considerations

Geo-mapping is an excellent distribution method. You can use geo-mapping to determine where you want to mail your catalog. Geo-mapping uses location knowledge to frame your marketing efforts. It uses digital mapping to organize and display data for your decision-making. You can use the location data to pinpoint a geographic region or a physical location. Geo-mapping is a great way to mail your catalog strategically.

Variable data printing is another excellent technique to keep in mind. You can personalize catalogs more by using VDP. The increased personalization helps your ROI as recipients are more likely to feel the mailpiece was designed just for them. VDP offers your organization flexibility by allowing you to modify names and numbers depending on the marketing campaign.

Create Catalogs with Valtim

Valtim enjoys helping our clients design visually appealing and informative catalogs that encourage member purchases. Your audience will appreciate our high-quality catalogs. We offer geo-mapping and VDP services to deliver strategic and personalized catalogs. You can pinpoint the right spots to send your catalog, and you can add a personal touch to your materials.

Contact Valtim to get started with creating your next catalog.

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