How to Use Big Data in Direct Mail Campaigns

By: Andrew Glover
June 14, 2019
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Marketing to the right person will always be a significant goal for organizations. No one wants their marketing efforts to fall on deaf ears. Using big data is a necessary component of getting a message across to the right person. Many organizations use big data to enhance their member experience.

Organizations not using big data are not reaching their full potential during a marketing campaign. Looking at a member’s online data can be incredibly helpful when it’s time to send a direct mail communication. Let’s explore in more detail how big data can be used to enhance your next direct mail campaign.

What is Big Data?

Big data is a term used to describe structured and unstructured large volumes of data. This data inundates an organization daily. But it’s what an organization chooses to do with the data that matters the most. The data can be analyzed for insights that can lead to better marketing decisions and strategic moves. Understanding and using big data can help create successful marketing projects, including direct mail communications.

Using Big Data in Direct Mail

In a survey by InfoTrends, a third of Americans surveyed were more likely to read direct mail than email. Using big data to enhance your direct mail strategy can be very helpful and allow your communications to come across as more natural. Here are some ways to incorporate big data in your next direct mail campaign.

Understand your members’ behavior

The right data can let your organization know how your members discover and engage with other companies. Organizations can then take those details and generate marketing campaigns based around member interests. Creating a focused campaign based on big data research generates better potential leads and referrals. When you understand your member’s behavior better, you can use that to communicate with them better through all channels, including direct mail.

Understand your members’ website habits

The right data can allow your organization to see what products and information people are seeking to find on your website. These details can let you see how often a person is revisiting particular pages on your website, too. Learning viewer habits and being aware of website trends can help you create a more personalized outreach to your members through direct mail.

Understand your members’ social media activity

Organizations can learn a lot about people based on their social media habits. People who like or follow an organization want to learn more about them and stay up to date with organization news. People who frequently engage and browse an organization’s social media page are ideal targets for personalized direct mail pieces.

The Benefits of Big Data in Direct Mail

The act of gathering and saving large sums of information is an age-old strategy. But marketing is no longer a “one size fits all” plan. Using the same message with all of your members won’t get you very far. Your message needs to come across as one of a kind. By using big data, your organization can vastly improve your overall outreach to members and provide a personal feel.

Direct mail is a very personal approach compared to email and social media options. It’s very beneficial for organizations to take advantage of their big data research and use that information towards a marketing campaign. This type of effort will provide a better member experience while allowing your organization to experience a more successful direct mail campaign.

Valtim and Big Data

Valtim Marketing Solutions was founded as a data management company in 1986. We were managing big data before big data was a term used by many others. With decades of experience to draw on, Valtim can craft omnichannel and multi-channel marketing campaigns. We are able to pick up on the trends and correlations we find in the member data. Let Valtim help map out your campaign goals and objectives. We will help you develop a clear strategy that will allow you to reach those targets.

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