5 Benefits to Direct Mail Marketing Automation

By: Andrew Glover
August 1, 2019

Successful marketing boils down to a lot of small things done right every day. Marketing automation can help you build your communication platform. When you automate the communication process, your organization can create a constant, regular communication channel with members. This continuous stream of communication will enable your organization to expand its mission statement and generate an excellent member experience.

Direct mail marketing automation provides the same level of customization, autonomy, and sophistication found in other marketing channels. And although direct mail has been around for years, automated direct mail is a newer category of Software as a Service (SaaS). It’s cloud-based software that will manage your direct mail process.

Direct mail automation can include a postcard and letting editing tools, personalization tools that bypass the traditional pre-press process, and even small-batch printing with data triggers. Many organizations appreciate the simplicity and functionality of email marketing. Automated direct mail is a system that can deliver the same benefits.

The Benefits of Automated Direct Mail

Marketing automation is typically about reducing the amount of time needed to send mail, ultimately improving your marketing ROI. However, automation will not eliminate your work altogether but will help you work more efficiently. With marketing automation, you can save time but still drive results for your organization.

Let’s look at some of the benefits direct mail marketing automation can bring to your organization.

Improved ROI

You will notice an improved return on investment once you integrate marketing automation into your marketing strategy. Automatic correspondence with new or existing members allows for a more constant communication stream. This consistent outreach will enable members to learn more about your organization and understand what you have planned for your mission. The more effort you make in reaching out, the more return you will notice on your investment.

Reduced Costs

Marketing automation helps streamline repetitive marketing actions, which helps reduce costs. Marketing automation technology makes it easy to schedule mailers and follow-up correspondences ahead of time, and without having to worry about checking in on every step of the process. Since this action is automatic, there’s minimal time and labor needed from your organization, which can help your organization save money on ongoing marketing approaches.

Marketing planning is more minimal, as well. For example, you can make a plan to reach members who have previously donated to your organization. Then, you can send the same type of direct mail to these individuals and avoid creating brand new communications each time.

Better for Mass Mailing

Automated direct mail bypasses the time, cost, and the back and forth of the traditional pre-press process. There is a simple drag and drop feature that makes automated direct mail better for mass mailing needs. Once you’ve created a plan, you can automatically mass mail the targeted audience. The automation allows for a smoother process of mailing to a large group of people.

Easier to Scale

Marketing automation makes it simpler for you to scale your outreach and membership. You can manage data and generate rich profiles to target audiences. Automation functions as an instrumental tool in assisting organizations in reaching prospects at the appropriate stage in their journey. The scalability is limitless with automation capabilities.

Member Reactivation

For those member’s who haven’t engaged with your organization in a while, you can send them a warm greeting to let them know you miss them. Their inactivity can trigger the direct mail piece when you determine the timing is appropriate. Reaching out to non-active members is a great way to remind them of the mission they helped support in the past.

How Valtim Can Assist with Marketing Automation

Valtim has highly intuitive software and experienced workers who can assist your organization with marketing automation. Our tools allow you to send direct mail when you need and in short amounts of time.

You can also integrate direct mail into your digital channels. For instance, you can opt to send thank you postcards anytime someone donates through your website. We can incorporate trackable links or QR codes to provide a genuinely cross-channel direct mail experience.

Keeping a constant flow of communication and acknowledgment is a great way to maintain and build a relationship with your members. Valtim can assist with all forms of direct mail, including follow-up letters, postcards, and thank you’s. Let us help grow your membership base and improve your membership engagement with our marketing automation options.

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