Why Special Offers Matter in Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
August 26, 2019

Giving, receiving, and handling tangible objects remains a deep and intuitive part of the human experience. Direct mail is useful because it accomplishes all three. People appreciate touching and using physical components of direct mail, direct offers in mail pieces can feel come across more positively than spam messages in an email inbox. Integrating special offers with your direct mail will enhance your organization’s ability to retain loyal donors.

Everyone is different. Each person likes to give and respond to communications in different ways. Effective direct mail fundraising campaigns highlight a compelling story with a distinct call-to-action by informing donors what they are contributing to and making it effortless for people to give, including through special offers.

Special Offers for Members and Donors

Providing exclusive offers for both current and prospective members is very useful through direct mail. When you send direct mail to your members, you are choosing a proven way to get advertising messages into their hands. Members can hold on to your mailers as long as they want. They can view the special offers at their convenience and determine when the best time is for them to pursue the special offer. They can show other people special offers too.

Your return on investment is much higher when you choose physical options compared to digital. Including a special offer can increase your ROI even more. You can provide special offers to members based on donation levels or volunteer hours. Including these unique offers allows your members and prospects to be more engaged with your organization while appreciating your exclusive offer.

Special offers add value to your organization by providing members with a unique experience for donating. Providing your members with a gift for donations is common and can make your members feel as though they are getting something in return. You can also give branded materials that your members will use in their everyday life, such as mugs, cup sleeves, pens, or other small merchandise. Branding is important, and these items can spark conversations with members and their friends and family about your organization.

Raise Brand Awareness with Special Offers

Your first intention in direct mail is to get your audience to open the envelope. Get creative with your presentation! Include some of the special offer details on the envelope. Make the offer easy to view, so the receiver is eager to open and see what’s inside. If done correctly, special offers can have massive benefits for your organization’s ability to share its mission with those potential members who are ready to offer support.

Direct mail fundraising plays a crucial role in donor retention. Fundraising is an ever-changing landscape due to the innovations in technology. There are text-to-donate and online giving options, but direct mail fundraising remains vital to an organization. Including special offers in your fundraising mailers will enhance your donor participation while offering donors a form of appreciation.

Remember to make it easy for your audience to go online and give. You may risk losing donations if you don’t integrate your online platform into your direct mail. Make it simple for donors to give at any time, on any device. You can even focus special offers around your audience scanning a code online. Then the special offer can be sent to them in the mail.

Provide Special Offers Through Valtim

Whether you are focused on fundraising, retaining or gaining donors, or building your membership base, Valtim can help create direct mailers with a focus around a special offer. Valtim understands the importance of special offers when reaching out to members and prospective members.

People enjoy receiving physical mail just as much as they enjoy a special offer when committing themselves to an organization’s cause. Special offers can provide better brand awareness and help spread your mission’s message to many more people. Let Valtim help you with creating your next special offer to your audience.

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